Man’s World is Hilarious and Spine-chilling

‘Web-series’ has brought a new lease of life for our generations, who had to reluctantly quit television in past, to make way for our Mothers and aunties to watch inconsistently offensive, long running Saas-Bahu dramas (Though new and upcoming series are, thankfully, reduced to seasons and more realistic than ever).


Man’s World, Y-Films’s original web-series, is a clever satire on gender equality urging us to introspect what if women treated men, the way men treat women.

The lead protagonist Kiran (played stupendously by Gaurav Pandey), feels exasperatedly that world is unfair to men and are always at the receiving end of all chaos until the world gets ‘flipped’. Suddenly He finds himself being treated indifferently and gender discriminated for being a ‘Man’. The thought itself is spine-chilling, isn’t it?


Bhumi Pednekar (Left), Kalki Koechlin (Center) & Parineeti Chopra (right) have an interesting cameo in Man’s World

Director Vikram Gupta light-heartedly explores the plight of how uncomfortable and disturbing is to live in a world ruled by dominant gender and be crushed by them in every field on regular basis. Peppered with clever dialogues and smart characterization in sync with social media trend, Man’s world is a mirror to our misogynistic mindset, hitting it with subtlety and humor.

It’s even scary to find ourselves laughing out loud to sequences involving Kiran’s ordeal that could’ve possibly been our world if our life had, even a slightest chance, to reverse the table.

In the series, Men are seen subjected to conditions and taboos woman quite often face in reality (From menstruation to be dissented marriage) and soon grasp the hard-hitting reality that Women have been admonished with disregard and worse, made to feel sorry about being a ‘women’ since ages, without realizing how painful is it for them to live in such disparity.


Gaurav Pandey as Kiran.

The heart of the show, in the end, is the central character Kiran and Gaurav Pandey is a talent to watch out for. Take a look at the climax scene of final episode, where he lovingly takes an oath with his infant to make this world a better place, is a gem only to convey that fragility do lie within men, only required is the courage to express it.

Amongst the line of actors who makes an impressive cameo, Shikha Talsania stands out and hits the perfect note as Kiran’s rough and tough wife. She apes the chilling dominant personality with ease. It’s funny yet mind-nerving.

After YRF TV, Y-Films makes a successful transition to Web-series (much credit goes to TVF to kick-start the movement and enchanting the viewers with it’s exciting concepts with tight screen time). Man’s World is indeed creating waves in YouTube, Do watch it for it’s noble idea, inventive execution and for the performances.