About Me

The imperfectly average looking guy with a heart of Gold !!

I am, Nived Nambiar – 26 year old, single, eternal optimist and sucker for radical love (Well I don’t exactly endorse radicalization but when it comes to love, it is always for the happiness and I’ve never heard anyone dying out of radical love 😉 )

I completed my education from University of Mumbai where I have earn my Bachelors and Master Degree in the field of ‘Biotechnology’. For me, writing has become a channel to reach out to the world and express. From films to current affairs trending across the globe.

One fine day, I had come to terms that biotech, while I was actually preparing for my finals, was never my cup of tea in the first place and it was a decision made completely based on keeping up with the joneses. At the same time, I held myself responsible for too because back then, I didn’t had the courage to choose the career I wanted simply because I was scared to take a huge leap of faith. I, however, do not regret it, rather take it as an experience to learn from it and move forward. I learnt a lot from my academic years and it’s a treasure well cherish though may never be applied further.

Currently, I work for a market research company in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for the past 1 year and 6 months. For me, shifting to an entirely new surrounding from nostalgic Bombay is a life changing decision opening new vista for my personal and professional growth.

This is me, Nived (Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi

Break Free and Shine is the result of my passion towards life. After battling depression for almost two decades with the help of Goddess Breath  (Under the blessed mentorship of Pushtiie Shiv Shakti), I have become a Tarot Card Reader and Reiki Healer (Level 3, for now). I see life with an enriching positive outlook and every morning, feel blessed to wake up alive to welcome the warmth of Sunlight. I live life with no regrets and stay true to myself as much as I can, albeit it is a challenge and kind of label me as a rebel.

Writing is something I’ve always been inclined towards. Unlike other’s who’ve mastered the art with years long practice, my persuasion to write started few years ago. Writing reviews for films in Facebook was my first baby step. In spite of having no formal training in journalism and literature and enrolling in any course remotely related to writing, I’ve manage to struck chords with many people, I would like to believe, and that itself inspired me to manifest the idea of ‘Break Free and Shine’ website (fueled by my colleague Benedict Peter).

Technically, my first article was published in Speaking pages, but my first work as a writer was for the renowned Menstrupedia, an online portal aimed to sensitize youth about menstruation – founded by Aditi Gupta and her husband Tuhin Paul, where I’d written a piece on how we men must openly demystify menstruation’. This particular article was even shared by Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin in her twitter account.

My blog on HIV/AIDS too got published in ‘Jaago Re Website’ under ‘Expert Column‘ courtesy HIV/AIDS activist Jyoti Dhawale Surve and Humans of Bangalore founder Sreya Vittaldev (Both are an extremely dear friends of mine whom I passionate adore)


Late Rajesh Khanna had once said in Anand, ‘ Babu Moshai, Zindagi Badi honi chahiye, lambi nahin’. (Life needs to be grant and big, not long). I couldn’t agree more. I believe in rather celebrate life with optimism over stretching it long to remorse.

I can be reached via Facebook , Instagram , Google+ & LinkedIn

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