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Thank you for visiting my blogging website.

This is the place where I put all the thoughts, that ramble in my mind, in a better and constructive way. I’m in the middle of a process where I have cleared some old blogs. I wrote few years ago, that felt outdated, and quite frankly a mess.

It was a decision hard to take but then to allow rejuvenating perspective to flow, it is essential to clear the closet of mind from all stagnated ones. or a better analogy would be to be like a snake that sheds its old skin periodically to allow a new layer of skin. Okay that’s too much of biology but you get my point.

Do you? Do you? Do you? (Dory!)


Thank goodness!

er working in a market research company in the city of Abu Dhabi. Born in Kannur, raised in Bombay, I’m just a 28-year-old guy, approaching 30, who’s busy striving to live a life that requires consistent efforts to be better with a dash of self-awareness and accountability; which is any day better and beneficial than wallowing in victim-hood and blaming the whole wide world for the bad choices I make in life, a trait considered ‘brave’ in this day and age of social justice mediocrity.

I’ve fluency in English, Hindi, re-learning Malayalam and now intend to possess multi-linguistic skills and dream to communicate in languages like Marathi, Punjabi, Kashmiri, and Spanish. There are many goals I am willing to work hard in order to achieve, for that will leave some space over here.

When I’m not working to make ends meet. I do my workout, watch movies alone in theatre (occasionally with my dad if a newly released film catches his curiosity), listen to music esp. by A.R.Rahman and engage myself in self work in the form of energy healing modality. I’m also a Reiki Practitioner (No! I’m neither a wizard like Harry Potter or a mutant with super-human abilities like Professor Charles Xaviers from the Marvel world of ‘X-Men’; but I wish was, sounds fun), I simply help and heal myself and others too when approached. I understand a lot of you do not believe, and it is absolutely fine. No two human beings are same, so is their approach towards healing in their lives.

Do I have any labels attached? Well no, I don’t associate myself with any but I certainly have had labels imposed on me just because I have a differing point of view and often refuse to align to group think. Does that affect me? It did at one point, now I care a hoot. I haven’t thoroughly mastered the art to remain balanced because to be slightly biased is human tendency and it is humane to err; however I’ve began to master the art to observe situation, people, surrounding and then make sincere attempts to learn,  unlearn my rigid belief and be flexible with respect to my thoughts. Long story short: I’m evolving and perhaps shall continue to do so as long as my earth visa gets renewed every March 12th.

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