Geet Dhillon – Soul of ‘Jab We Met’

Imtiaz Ali’s much loved “Jab We Met” completes 10 years today. It is a film that inspired many of us, enriched our soul, a quality very few films have. Kareena Kapoor Khan humanized Geet vivaciously and with subtle tenderness, she ended up being the soul of the film. Geet is role of a lifetime and no one can ever recreate it even Kareena herself, it is that magickal.

So what lessons did we learn from this feisty Sikhni from Bhatinda who dares not to keep any doubt in our mind?

Self love is the best form of love:


Geet never pay any heed to what others have to say.  She love herself, admire her strengths & acknowledge her weaknesses. She isn’t afraid to take risk or face adversities because she is confident and capable of making her way out. Geet believe in taking responsibilities of her own actions rather than putting any blame on others for her misery. I am not saying being serious is wrong, it is essential to keep logic above emotions in certain situations where required. All I want to convey is let us start to appreciate smallest of the smallest miracles we witness, focus on the positives and develop an attitude of gratitude for receiving it.

Burn your past and flush it out:

It sounds vague, agreed, but this philosophy by Geet really works. Fire is not always about rage or resentment, it’s also about liberation enabling you to start something new with the element of fire. When Aditya burns his ex’s picture and flushes it out, he could sense the freedom he had been longing for, not only does he sets her free but also in the process free himself from this unhealthy bond he created. Separation is a blessing in disguise.

Parents are also human beings who craves to love and to be loved:

Aditya deeply resents his mother (Played by Divya Seth) for running away from his family for a man she had fallen for. When he reveals this to Geet, without persecuting her she puts across her humanistic point of view that initially irked Aditya but later made him realize it made absolute sense. Geet said his mom was in love and she did this for the sake of a guy she loved. There is no such thing as good or bad, love blossoms even we are not ready. No matter how progressive we become, we always look at our parents from a limited belief system seldom realizing they also have the right to love and to be loved by someone really special even if it means not the person he/she got married to.

Take risk whether it is worth a deal or not. Experience it:


Yes, jumping on a cold lake is one of the risk. But trust Geet to do something different altogether.

She took a huge leap of faith, she ran away to Shimla to meet her boyfriend Anshuman (played by Tarun Arora) and we all saw what happened. Anshuman, shocked to see her one day at his doorstep with no prior knowledge, not only snubs her out of fear but also humiliate her enough to not see her again. We all knew Geet made the worst decision of her life. However, she doesn’t find herself alone, she lives a calm yet soulless life in a convent and work as a teacher as going back home was not a wise idea. She strips off her cheerful persona to swallow the red pill of her life: rejection.

A person you heal, heals you to be your authentic self:


Geet had never hurt anyone. She is someone who believed in uplifting sad souls and help them to heal themselves. Aditya, who at one point of time felt his life had no meaning & was rendered directionless, found rebirth after meeting Geet who rejuvenated him, changed his perception towards life and become successful in his endeavors. Having come to realize that Geet never made it back home after prolong 9 months, he goes to Shimla in search of Geet and much to his shock discovers her as he failed to recognize. She wasn’t that giggling-charming person he knew. This time, he took the onus upon himself to guide her back to her authentic self. Aditya employed all the tactics of life, Geet once shared with him, to her and she was getting back to her form. She sent love across and received it in multitudes of forms and Aditya is one of them.

Your first love may not always be your true love:

Anshuman was Geet’s first love but never her true love. The day Anshuman severed ties with her, it was all over. Yet after 9 months, he wants back Geet back in his life however, this time her feelings changed. It was Aditya who wanted Geet in his life but she took good time to reflect with whom she want to live with. Eventually she chooses true love over first love.


We have a common tendency to mistake first love as true love. There have been amazing stories of first love to be true love but not all are lucky as them. This concept of clinging to first love after breakup can do more harm than good, it’s always beautiful to keep the door of your heart open because you just never know when true love knocks the door.

Watch “Jab We Met” and fall in love with our Sikhni all over again.


HELL YEAH ! We love and heart you Geet 🙂



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