#Hiyerquotes as he says !

Harish Iyer came into limelight after he was seen in Aamir Khan’s highly acclaimed social talk show “Satyamev Jayate” (Season 1) way back in 2012, where he spoke in length, though gut-wrenchingly, about his ordeal as child sex abuse survivor. He is an equal rights social activist, writes for many online publications advocating for women, child & animal rights.


Just google his name and you get all the information about him you want to know. He’s got his twitter account verified with a blue tick and is followed by the former President of United States of America Barack Obama, indeed a big feat. He is considered the most empathetic public figure yet what makes him special is his down-to-earth & compassionate approach. He communicates with a lot of survivors on regular basis who are either facing abuse or have been through these difficult phase but unable to move past it. Harish is not a licensed therapist but he does help them as much as he can with his patience, persistence and love.

I am writing this blog today to present his quotes, famous as #Hiyerquotes in his FB account. I’ve no idea how Harish manages to write such pearls of wisdom, but when he write, it makes absolute sense and many of us resonate beautifully with it. Below are some his quotes I’ve compiled from tracing his #hiyerquotes all these years because it’s insightful, funny yet relevant that deserves to be read by each and every one of us. In addition, this particular blog shall continue to fit add more of his quotes when he updates:



“You have too much of love in your heart, you are longing to give it to someone.
where longing is, there belonging is.”

“When your heart aches! Give it some exercise. Bend and pick another up.”

“Life teaches you that you need a big heart to love and a bigger one to accept the love.”

“Because leaving is loving too.”

“The best exercise you can give your aching heart is to bend and pick another up.”

“When the silence within engulfs me, all I crave for is the sound of your heart-beat.”



“Remember, everyone is someone’s type.”

“Sometimes, you need to leave people you love.”

“Leaving is loving too.”

“There are times in our life where no philosophy gyaan and no positivity shit helps. What works magic is a simple HUG!”

“Being sexy is a full time job. It keeps me busy all day.”

“Love often happens in private, and break up in full view.”


“Very few people really change their attitudes, most of them simply change their masks.”

“You made a choice – you left. I made a choice – I shut the door.”

“You do not need to have a vagina to be a feminist.”

“When religion rules over logic then there’s a reason to worry.”

“When life sucks. enjoy oral sex.”

“When work is where your heart is, then heart is where your work is.”

“I love people who think I am blind, for in their ignorance, I get to see it all.”

“Some people think they are smart asses. and actually yes! their ass is the only smart thing about them.”

“Sometimes it’s good to have your lowest lows for then, after that you just go up.”

“Face your fears, don’t tease my tears.”


“More than stricter laws, we need a more open culture. What kind of culture is this where sex is a bad word, and rape is a norm.”

“If you are talking behind my back, either you are a coward or my ass is compliment worthy.”

“Life is what happens to you between “dreaming a life” and “living a dream”.

“The size of a man’s ego is inversely proportional to the length of his penis.”

“I am born to live. I don’t live because I am born.”

“Sex is not just ‘natural’ if it is for procreation, it is ‘natural’ even if it is for recreation.”

“To live a life of truth, when the world probes me to tell a lie, is truly my biggest attribute.”

“Who the hell wants a perfect life? All I want is my choice of imperfection!”

“Some people are arrogant because they are weak, and arrogance is the only way they could mask their fear of being overpowered.”

“I think if we men had a hymen, virginity would have been a myth.”

“You are always looking for another new big wave to come your way,
while I am ready with my surf board”.

“If u have the heart to hear the music. Have the guts to face it too”.

“How can the mind be quiet when the heart makes so much noise.”

“At odd times, show the courage to brave another odd, odd over odd will make even!”


“Own it. Live it. Love it.  Be unabashed. Be unashamed. Be unafraid.  It’s your life. You. And only you can control it.”

“Sex is not all about morality, it is about responsibility.”

“Some people are like pimples in the butt of humanity.”

“Stereotypes exist. And “NORMAL” is the biggest stereotype.”

“When the road is bumpy, don’t change gears, change the route.”

“I don’t love you your way, I love you my way.”

“Sometimes truth is an illusion and sometimes the illusion is THE truth.”

“Hate destroys the hater, not the hated.”

“I am born to live. I don’t live because i am born.”

“To lead, you must learn to follow.”

“If you can’t be the change, step aside and make way for it!”

“Empathy is the purest form of divinity.”

“Take me for what I am, and for what I am when I am not what I am.”

“To address the issue, you need to undress the issue.”

“Be the herd or BE HEARD!”

“You have the right to be loved. everyone has, as much as to love. Just that some need to ask for it.”

“The freest minds are often the ones that can be held captive.”

“Stand up to stand out!”

“You don’t often hate the one you love, you seldom simply lose all the reasons to love.”

“Sometimes you need to forget who you are to be where you are.”

“Better late than laid.”

“For the ones who are different fighting indifference is a lifelong battle.”

“I think I need to dream more to have unfulfilled dreams.”

“The result of the choice to be an open book is that your chapter would be widely read, painfully dissected and intellectually masturbated.”

“My failures are my greatest successes.”

“Adversity is the true test of character.”

“When you see that the world is against you, just shift the mirror the other way.”

“I wish I could throw a dollar on your life. For now, all I wish is that karma, like dollar does a 69.”

“It takes courage to continuously strive to be one in the crowd in a world that constantly puts you up on a pedestal.”

“Live, laugh, take the highways, not the little roads. Remove your clothes, go naked, be proud of every cell in your body, living and dead. Jump like crazy. Get over the bonnets of pretty cars. Shout out loud. And Cry Cry Cry. Don’t let yourself be bound by the anger, don’t let love bind you either. Set yourself free. Let your inside out.”

“Your highness! the next best thing than suggesting what needs to be done, is DOING IT.”

“Crass is class independent.”

“So difficult to silently love someone, when you heart makes so much noise.”

“Still waters, tremble most.”

“Don’t fear of (reaching) heights, gravity fails when the intent is noble and pure.”

“We don’t really fear what we don’t know. We actually fear what we know but that we refuse to acknowledge.”

“Prejudice, like love, is universal.”

“To realize where your heart is, you need to lose it.”

“The magnitude of the lie can be measured by the length of the explanation.”

“I would rather have every relationship with a friend than lose a friend in my lust for romance.”

“Our lives begin to end when we start our game of pretense.”

“All that love comes your way is not yours to keep. Set it free. Set yourself free.”

“You are young, I am old. You have a story and I am a story already told.”

“Some people waste their entire lives on ‘wanting to be’, i wish they could just BE.”

“I know your heart had a prayer, now make it a song.”

“We hesitate to tell we love more often than we hesitate to tell we hate. If only the inverse, world would be a beautiful place.”

“Its funny how we feel bad for absolutely trivial things in life whereas we are business-as-usual with the big tragedies of life.”

“Hungry children need no big analytical words to define them, they need bread.”

“Art is the purest form of activism.”

“The freest minds are often the ones that can be held captive.”

“I don’t see a reason why I should act modest. Even if I was modest, I’d be proud of my modesty.”

“To be proud of what you are and what you have become is not incorrect, what’s incorrect is shadowing another with your pride.”

“Lessons Of Fame: you drop a towel and you become a superstar. you ask for one and you are doomed.”

“Sometimes the charm of the present life defeats the lure of a better life.”

“Sometimes the only solutions are a heart full of empathy and feet that run at your heart’s command.”

“In search of moments worth dying for, we often miss moments worth living for.”

“No heart is too far to touch. Distances and altitudes are a matter of geography and heights, It doesn’t matter in heartitude!”

“In matters of the heart, the heart is all that matters.”

“Be worried of your image of yourself, not the worlds image of you”

“When you can laugh over your pains and pangs, you can win over them.”

“The ‘obvious’ is not what we see, when blinded by the view of the mob.”

” I never questioned the power of darkness when I shoot in d dark and darkness has been kind to make way for light, almost always.”

 “It takes no guts to fall in love 1st but it takes immense respect for that special person to rise in love again after a mighty fall.”

“Stable is for horses, not relationships.”

“There is just one difference between you and me. While you compare yourself, I celebrate myself.”

“If only you understood that the dawn is when ‘we’ are. You wouldn’t be wailing at the brink of dusk.”

“Sometimes you are the passenger, sometimes you are the train, sometimes just the track that paves the way.”

“How quick are we to think that our pain is the worst. We probably never opened our eyes to look around.”

“Some can be the change, only when they see the change. so share. it is inspirational.”

“The best thing about tragedy and pain is that it is a great binder.”

“When we discard things, people and relationships, we need to remember that metamorphosis is a thing of nature.”

“Some men think clitoris is the name of a planet (well for some men it really is).”

“When you are done waiting for the world to change. It’s time then, to change your world!”

“There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. just no spare bulb, or electrician.”

“The heart that aches, is the heart that’s awake.”

“Sometimes it is not as important for your absence to be felt, as much it is for your presence to make a difference.”

“He who has not loved, has not lived enough.”

“It’s never too late to sing an old melody in a new tune.”

“So what if all the world is my playground, I let my shadows alone to play with me.”

“Kindness inspires kindness.”

“When you don’t like a person you once liked, then you start liking the person you once disliked.”

“Between womb and tomb, happens love.”

“Every land is an island when you don’t stretch your arms to embrace.”

“A closed door may not always mean a locked door.”

“Lessons of yesterday, experiences of today are just the ingredients of a lovely tomorrow.”

“Never give up on your innate value of kindness and mutual respect, just because you discovered someone unkind and truly undeserving of it.”

“Who you are. What you are. When you are. Why you are. Matter not. Dot dot dot. You are. You are. Because you are.”

“If push comes to shove. Shove!”

“It’s good to love people, but better to love yourself. Never stop loving people, but let them not insult you in any way. Any relation, should be in the realm of mutual respect. Even those who have given birth to you have no right to own you or your thoughts. You shouldn’t be rude to those who are rude, just leave them till they come back to a point where they are in a happier place where they value and respect people in their lives. Life is too short to be consumed with hatred.” – #HiyerTalk/

“We cant move forward, if we don’t clear the dust of our past. baggage is too much of a burden to carry.”

HiyerQuote Poem

“Every day in life,
every moment in time,
every little experience that gives comfort.
pushes you to.
become what you are.
become truer than true.

That’s life.
that’s how it is.
sometimes we take a moment to become who we are.
sometimes, it takes an eternity to discover ourselves.

Whatever you are,
however you are,
whenever you are,
I am happy than the happiest
to see you become you.
Truer than true.

Not an impression.
not just an expression.
not any emancipation.
not borne out of fallacies in contraception.
not a mistake.
not a fleeting thought.
not a body type. ,
not intervention
not interruption.
not the path circumvented.
you are on the sane path, not the way of the demented.
not anything
not nothing.
every day you are becoming you.
truer than truly true.

Whatever you are,
wherever you are
however you are.
you are you.
truer than true.
that’s the only thing that’s true.
no one else.
can tell you yes, or tell you not.
who you are. who are you.
who better than you
to unearth the real you.

Whatever you are.
wherever you are
however you are.
you are you,
truer than true.”


HiyerQuote Poem  #EmpathTalk

The pain we face.
The insults we take.

The tears we cry.
The words that die.

The bodies we live.
The hearts we give.

The fear that lurks.
The scary new turfs.

The clarion call.
The mighty fall.
The walking tall.

Beyond the beyond we look.
But this is the truth.

There will be joy
There will be joy
There will be joy


“Need to dream new dreams because old ones have become real.”

“Love when you feel like loving. And love uninhibited.”


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