Women who inspire me

While I do agree that every day is a women’s day as much as every day is men’s day, I find the UN’s decision to dedicated a day for both genders mandatory (March 8 for women & 19th Nov for Men).

Today is International Women’s Day and the most celebrated day on this earth. Women comprises half of the global demography and have come long way from their battle to cement their presence since time immemorial.

Without wasting much of your time and running around the bush, below are the women who still fiercely inspires me to lead my life with love and respect.

1.) Indira Nambiar (My mother)


Indira Nambiar

The list has to start with her 🙂 ❤

Mothers are god and goddess’s best creation and – like for everyone – for me, my mom is my first best friend. She is a woman of substances, instinctively creative, tough and sensationally gorgeous. Despite facing critical health issues in past, nothing could’ve ever deterred her spirit to fight it. During her initial years, she lived in Kerala yet with her perseverance and strength, she owned Bombay like no one did.

Like her zodiac sign aries, she is a fire. I appreciate the fact that she is blunt and would never bent down what may come. Been brought up by her father, who served in army trained her how to be analyze circumstances. Being a human being, she too has imperfections but as long as bonding is strong, nothing should ever matter, She has been a harshest critic and lovely friend to me. She come across as the most progressive woman who can easily blend with idea of today’s young generation and does have the ability to accept that there must be change in the mentality of society 🙂 ❤

2.) Pushtiie Shiv Shakti (My healing teacher)


Pushtiie Shiv Shakti

Many would recognize her as Hum Paanch’s Choti, Luv ka the end’s Jugz and the immensely popular Mahi Way‘s Mahi Talwar. For me, she is more than the actress, my healing teacher and I fondly call her mumma and she has officially adopted me as her baby boy 😛 With her, I am even blessed with an gifted elder sister who currently resides in the US

I befriended Pushtiie Mumma, when I saw her ground-breaking show in 2010, in FB. I discovered her spiritual side of being a healer (Tarot Reading, Reiki, Rebirthing, many more) and soon after few years found myself completing my basic tarot workshop with her. She changed my life, she is someone groomed me, helped me get rid of my judgmental attitude and taught me how to love myself and invariably love others irrespective of the actions of others. To her credit, I work as a healer professionally with an intent to spread the same light of love to everyone who deserves to be heard and deserves a shoulder to cry on to be enlightened 🙂 ❤

You can reach her in Goddess Breath

3.)  Jyoti Dhawale Surve (HIV activist/ My best virtual friend)


Jyoti Dhawale Surve

In a society where a medically harmless term like HIV can evoke disgust and judgments, imagine how people with this disease must be living? Horrifying right? You may or may not be aware, there are people who live with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) yet aren’t open about it fearing the very similar backlash. Yet a lady refused to live with fear and decided to waive her identity and come out as HIV survivor.

Jyoti Dhawale Surve is an IT professional but by heart, an HIV/AIDS activist and works for NGOs like The Well Project HIV for women  (India), Beydaar Society (Pakistan) and BCARE (United States). She was detected with HIV in 2005 due to medical negligence and was subsequently deserted by her ex-husband. Inspite of these unfortunate events, she remained undeterred by accepting who she is and never let the world dull her sparkle.

I have befriended her in Facebook three years ago and till now, She motivates me to educate on the disease so that I can help her in her mission to clear the misconception of people towards HIV

4.) Deepika Bhardwaj (Equal Right Activist)


Deepika Bhardwaj

Based on Gurgaon, Deepika Bhardwaj is journalist-documentary filmmaker who is the voice for innocent men trapped in the legal terrorism of Section 498A (Dowry law) and Section 354 (Sexual Harrasment law). She was forced to take a stand when she saw her dear friend and cousin falsely accused by their respective spouses threatening in the name of highly misused women-centric law few years ago.

As far as I know her virtually and personally (through an email conversation), She is never anti-women and why the hell would she be? She is the member of the same demography, she only wants justice to be served and laws be implicated purely on the basis of gravity of crime and not based on gender because ‘she’ isn’t always right and ‘he’ isn’t always wrong. If misogyny is disease, so is misandry.

I follow Deepika in twitter and believe me, have witnessed her being trolled horribly by some women who leaves no stone unturned to defame her, yet she remains strong and doesn’t deviate from her path of true justice and gender equality. She respects women who strive hard to achieve their dream to become successful and are a good human being too. 🙂 ❤

Link of my blog on her. Here

5.) Vidya Balan (Indian Actress)


Vidya Balan

Allow me to clear my stand on this. I do not worship celebrity by passing my day standing in front of  their home for the sight of their waving hands or create a temple and chant prayers on their name. That’s not me!  what I definitely do is admire their onscreen performances and get inspired by the positive trait they offer.

While I have been ardent fan of Kajol, Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi, none of them has inspired me the way Vidya did. Her crucial journey from ‘jinxed’ newcomer in South to an established Indian actress is worthy of an autobiography. Patience, perseverance, passion and persistence are her hallmark to super-success. Besides playing daringly different roles, she broke the jinx that married actresses cannot be desirable and motivated countless women to embrace their body as they are.

For me, it is her commitment towards her passion, transparency and honesty in her knowledge, wonderful speaking skills and her confidence to stay true to herself that inspires me always 🙂 ❤

6.) Sreya Vittaldev (Founder of Humans of Bangalore)


Sreya Vittaldev

On the lines of Humans of New York, Sreya founded the FB page for city of bangalore where – just like Brandon – she captures the lives and their moments on her lens.

Besides for her HOB work, reason why is she such an inspiration for me is she has recently revealed her Bipolar Disorder to the world through her blog and in my eyes, it is the courageous thing to ever do because that says how true Sreya is to herself and others.

She has decided not to hide under a closet, instead chose to speak about it openly, she is not only taking great care of herself but also helping others affected with the mental ailment to ensure they get guidance and confidante to speak for. She personifies strength, passion and love and although it’s only been a while I have come in touch with this gorgeous soul, already I am in awe of her. 🙂 ❤

These are the women who still find ways to channelize their motivation to me and I pray hope they continue to remain true to their path for revolutionary changes that world needs desperately 🙂 ❤


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