Queen : A memorable journey to self discovery


Who would’ve thought  single honeymoon could be a source of healing besides being fun?

On 7th March 2014, naive, white-sweatered pretty jilted doll entered our lives and since then, remained an irresistible part. She is none other than Rani Mehra

Vikas Bahl’s ‘Queen’ – produced by the risk-taking production house – was not only insanely successful at the box office but also won the hearts of critics and audience alike (a phenomenon so rare to see both agree to one film).

Kangana Ranaut – a scintillating actress – internalized Rani with great compassion and incredible as this may sound, I forgot I was watching Kangana. While most of us back then predicted her winning all the possible award, I secretly  wanted her to win the National Award and guess what, it manifested.

A day after Ranaut birthday – year later – News broke celebrating Queen fetched the coveted National Award for Best Hindi Feature Film and Ranaut for Best Actress. BOOM ! Couldn’t be more happier.

Queen – for many of you – might be a refreshingly written mass entertainer with a message underlying in it, for me, It is a tonic to self-love. I recall watching the film alone first and then again with my best friend a week later, soon it became a topic of discussion with friends who shared the same love for Vikas Bahl’s gem and after numerous watch, Queen still remains the most powerful film that can change your perception towards turning tragedy into celebration.

In 2010, There was a miniseries – I religiously followed – switched on my transformation button and suggested me to have a clarity on how I should stay true to myself being impermeable to fear. Queen only reinforced the process and helped me fall in love with myself.

Funny part is the protagonists, who inspired me – both series and film, turned out to be female. My obsession for Queen drew a lot of criticism, film may have revolved around a woman but the events that takes a toll on her can happen to anyone.

Obstacles and Inspiration aren’t gender specific, right ? 🙂

Below listed are some lessons I take away from Queen that really helped me a lot in various ways at some point of my life.

1.) Never depend on anyone for your happiness. YOU are the source of it:

Rani gets jilted by her jerk fiance Vijay (played by terrific Rajkummar Rao) because his long-stay in ‘London’ makes him better than others and she suddenly doesn’t match up to his social expectations. Rani – never even once in her 4 years of relationship – did something she desired because she had to take well care of her fiancee’s ego.

Her dancing to the tunes of wedding with her friends irked Vijay because ‘what-would-mummyji-say? and She shouldn’t consider taking up a job because what’s the need when you have a guy to mint money? Rani kept aside her disappointment to ensure he remains happy. She depended on him for all the promises of happiness and in return see herself being ditched in a coffee shop shivering to the hilt.


Somewhere in the process, Rani had forgotten to love herself, put herself in the first priority. She falsely believed that one should depend on partner to give happiness whereas in reality the key to the happiness is herself and once she unlocked it, never looked backed.

When we are in a relationship or for that matter, friendship or bonding with people, we never prioritize ourselves because we are made to believe that loving ourselves first is an act of selfishness. With due respect, I strongly disagree. How can you love or care other others when you fail to love yourself? when you are filled with love, giving becomes an easy task. isn’t it?

2.) Parents stand by you during odd times:

Our Indian society is famously misogynistic, we know that. When a wedding stands canceled, blame is often held on the bride and most shockingly, it is the bride’s parents who commit such blunder because they fear the society, fear the lewd comments that could pass on.

Thankfully in Queen, Rani is pampered with care and not by pity. She is the darling of the family and to cheer her up, her grandmother retells her fascinating story of her alleged love affair with a Pakistani guy and how thankful is she by the breakup, citing an important lesson that unfortunate events occur for the best reasons.

Parents parade her room overnight to see the glimpse of their littel girl and next day when she does come out after whole night of weeping and having her laddoo first thing as it is nearby – with strange resolve – decides to go for her pre-booked honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam as a single woman. Understandably, hesitation is observed at home yet parents choose their daughter’s happiness over the world and drop her to the airport with a hope of meeting a new Rani filled with optimism.

She skype chat with her parents sometimes ten times a day, misses them and yet her parents still care for her and able to accept the fact that her daughter can live life on her own. Isn’t that feeling special? 🙂

3.) Make friends without judgments:

Rani’s first tryst sparks off with Parisian bohemian pal Vijaylakshmi (played by Lisa Haydon). She is a waitress working in the very same hotel Rani stays and become best friends. Both ladies are poles apart, while Rani is innocent and naive, Vijaylakshmi- on the other hand – bold and unapologetic. Behind the feistiness, lies a loving mother who doesn’t feel the need to be married, finds comfort in her boyfriend who fathered her child.


For a brief period, she meets a pole dancer Roxette (Ruksaar) in Amsterdam. Latter chose this profession despite being qualified because there is huge monetary benefits enough to earn her bread and butter and serve her family back in Pakistan oblivious to her career.

Fascinatingly, Rani passess off the judgmental filter and came across to them as a real person who is interested to be associated with people irrespective of what they do for living. When Vijaylakshmi see off Rani for her next tour, one can easily sense the sadness she goes through when she shields her eyes with the sunglass.

If you judge people, be ready to be judged, as simple as that. At the same time, if you accept the people as they are, you will not only respected but also be loved for the person you are 🙂

4.) A friend in need is a friend indeed:

Oleksandr (Sikander 😛 ), Taka and Tim are culturally diverse roommates in Amsterdam. Having lived under conservative shelter of her secured home in Rajouri, the thought of sharing room with three unknown guys in an unknown country did shock her the most, slowly she warms up to them and become a gang.

Friends in Queen

There is a particular scene where Rani discusses in vague about her broken marriage to Oleksandr and communicates beautifully without polished English. We learn that he and Tim came long way to Europe to cheer up Taka because his family got wiped out in the fateful Tsunami in Japan.

While the subplot may have been a cliche, I loved how thoughtful of them ! Let’s face it. All three guys have nothing in similar yet it was the emotions that bound them together. When was the last time I saw myself or my fellow Indian helping other Indian in need? Strange right.

5.) Learn to laugh at yourself: 

Mera sense of humor bahut achha hai, aapko dheere dheere pata chalega“, says chuckling Rani to Oleksandr while waiting for Tim and Taka to hire a boat.


We know, it was a bad joke, yet we couldn’t help but laugh because she did poke fun on herself with jest. The laugh-out-loud moment in the sex shop where she mistaken breast cap as toy cap, vaginal vibrator as shoulder massager and BDSM related material as jeans belt similarly available in ‘Lajpatnagar’ brought the full house down.


Rani, in her inebriated state, breaks into dance, burps without guilt, unknowingly pisses off an Italian chef by turning his dish into Indian with her addition of ‘tikki takka masala’ and claims ‘it tastes better’. Confuses Aish (hookah) with Aish (Enjoyment), makes a clean non-veg Santa Banta jokes.

She does everything weird yet found satisfaction in it because that is who she is, real rani who desires to live life she wishes to spread only happiness.

6.) No one can beat random relatives in terms of creating hysteria out of nothing:

Rani meet her distant family  Vermas in Paris – purely on her parent’s insistence –  who welcome her with superficial sympathy. Dadiji starts her broken french recording and auntyji tries to act smart meanwhile uncleji is busy sitting on a messager chair.

We all know how relatives are. I am not talking about the ones who are genuine (less in comparison), the ones who are too fake to take them seriously. Hilarious part is how they gift her shagun because according to their logic, had she been married they would’ve given her 110 euro but since she is ditched, 11 euros is more than enough *slow clap*.

No matter how loving and progressive our parents are, there will always be some relatives who will find hundred reasons to put you down because they feel entitled to do so. Funniest truth.

7.)  First kiss is always memorable:

In her four years relationship, Rani is seen never to have got physical with Vijay, let alone be kissed. In Amsterdam she experiences the passion for the first time with an Italian chef, who does show great interest in her.

I come under the list  of ‘Never-been-kissed’ people, forget losing virginity 😛 but I can say with heart crossed that first kiss can be memorable because besides being liberating, it instils the confidence in a person that he/she is absolutely perfect in the eyes of beholder.

8.) Part away with dignity:

Vijay ditched Rani unceremoniously, in the climax Rani does. One can make out the difference in approach of Rani, the girl who couldn’t live without Vijay and would do anything to have him in her life was no longer the same.

After her honeymoon tour, she reaches Vijay’s home to give him his ring back and embraces him to thank him for being such a blessing.


Relationship turning kaput is a blessing because hadn’t he left her in the middle of her journey, she would have never met her old soul rain whom she met in foreign land, she wouldn’t have ever fallen in love with herself all over again.

In the times of failed marriages and affair turning into rape cases, Rani conquered and slayed her fiancee with a ring worth giving back, not only hoping the best for him, but also to break the shackle once captivated with. Quite a pleasant revenge.

YES !! One more thing. 

Lajpatnagar is in Delhi & Do not forget to prepare Indian French Toast. It is very good and it ‘taste better than the real french toast’ 😛


Jai Mata Di


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