Deadpool -the film, is as fun as F**k


Deadpool (2016)

Watching Tom Miller’s ‘Deadpool’ is like reactivating  your laughter gene. I can’t remember the last I had so much watching a film where my jaws were hurt simply by guffaw. Deadpool is not your regular Marvel somber superhero, he is not burdened with a dark past to confront and save the world from threatening villains of human and aliens and believe me – after watching the film – you will come out pleasantly surprised.

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynold) is former special force operative who works as mercenary. He meets Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) an escort, whom he forms relationship and eventually proposes after a year of live-in. Like a smoothly running film gets an annoying halt by even more annoying ad commercials, happiness is shortlived when Wade is diagnosed with terminal cancer.


Ryan Reynold and Morena Baccarin

He is offered assistance to cure his illness by a suspicious recruiter who guarantee recovery and special power any man could only dream of. Initially resisting, later Wade accepts -leaving behind Vanessa for her good (that’s what this stupid believed 😛 )- only to find himself in an experimental regenerative mutation by Ajax (Ed Skrein), that develop amazing healing power but brutally disfigure his body as a side effect. To get back on Ajax, Wade becomes masked vigilante ‘Deadpool’, who is as fun as f**k.

Like I’d mentioned earlier, Deadpool is not your regular superhero. He is a pain in the ass, who never take things seriously. He is foul-mouthed, crass, an ardent sex addict babbling about masturbation, oral sex, thankfully multi-sarcastic, witty and elicit jokes even during crucial time between life and death. A complete asshole.

Deadpool 1



There is nothing new in the plot to be very honest, what makes Deadpool such an engaging film in the narration. It’s crazily directed with breath-taking action sequences and the characters – though fictional – display more rawness and instinct that is so hard to ignore.

Ryan Reynold owns Deadpool like a pro. Jokes are bit too much at some point of time but thankfully it is layered with clever lines – written by Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick – and delivered with great spontaneity by Reynold. He steals practically everyone scene with his straight-faced humor yet sportingly gives the characters to shine on their own strength. He famously pokes fun on himself with his earlier disastrous superhero attempt of green lantern and sarcastically refers 127 hours and Taken. There is huge gore-porn exhibition throughout the film where heads are severed, legs are amputated and blood is splattered, mercifully it is shot like a series of comic that never gets into your nerve or make you puke.




Morena Baccarin is not your usual damsel-in-distress, She adds believability in Vanessa, she is a confident lady who knows how to handle herself and her lover even at the cost of almost losing him, without screaming for knight in the shining armor to rescue her. She remarks an epic line in the climax post confronting Wade’s disfigured face – ‘After a brief adjustment period and a bunch of drinks, it’s a face… I’d be happy to sit on‘ establishes not only her spunkiness but also her affection.

They may not have sizeable screen time, Stefan Kapicic (Colossus) and Brianna Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead) are immensely endearing and add more humor with their physical comedy. Sadly Ed Serkin is only serviceable as the main antagonist, lacks the menace required to pull off this exciting role.

Deadpool is an amazing and courageous film and so unlike our goody old bat, spider and ant. It is about an extraordinary hero, turning an ordinary situation into an extraordinarily hilarious one and his biggest weapon is sarcasm and philosophy of never-take-life-seriously. Such a douchebag he is 😛 . Strongly recommended!



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