Charlie (Malayalam): Pursuit of happiness

Have you ever done something good for people and their subsequent smile ever gave you happiness that is indescribable? or have you ever met someone like them before?  If not, then whatever else you do, make time to watch this week’s new release Malayalam film Charlie (in UAE).

(It has released in India fortnight back, try to catch it when it releases digitally)

Tessa (Parvathy), bright and feisty graphic designer – to pursue her passion – ditches her boring job and forceful marriage and heads to rent a creatively dingy room away from the sight of world affair.


Tessa gets hold of an artistically incomplete story scrapbook created by the previous occupant Charlie (Dulquer Salmaan) – bohemian dressed vagabond samaritan – who lived in that house before she moved in. Curious to join the dots and complete this wacky puzzle of storytelling, she travels all the way to different places in pursuit of him and eventually finds herself attract to this guy she never met before.

The plot isn’t new to be frank, film focuses on how essential is it to live life and help distress souls to bring smile in their face, invariably bringing more peace within. Following the path of Chaplin’s memorable quote, ‘Life salutes you if you make people happy‘, Charlie changes the course of many lives and turns everything into a gold like King Midas metaphorically. He seldom settles in one place, instead travel from one place to another in search of swollen lives he can brighten up with his unpredictable charm and infectious energy.


It is the writing here that stands out and writer Unni R  & director Martin Prakkat(helmed ABCD – American Born Confused Desi) employ comic book feel (lend by Jomon T John‘s eye-watering photography) with messages underlying it & giving us flesh and blood characters to root for, integrating modern outlook and old school emotions.

Parvathy (earlier seen in Notebook and Bangalore Days) plays Tessa with great sense of maturity, she is unafraid to live independently, choose a life derived by passion over mundanity and will go any length to quench the thirst of her curiosity. She uses her expressive eyes to emote with minimal monologue, so good is her performance.

Bit players like Aparna Gopinath, Nedumudi Venu  & Kalpana adds more layer to the proceeding crucial to the life of two unseen lovers.

In the titular role, Dulquer Salmaan brings his best game as Charlie. He is amongst those rare breed of actors who can carry rugged physic look and boyish charm with delightful spontaneity, registers maximum impact.

charlie 1

Dulquer Salman & Parvathy

With Gopi Sunder’s tuneful songs, smartly structured script and endearing performances, Charlie is a disarming gem that elaborates on leading a happy life for oneself and others. As cliche it may appear to many – dismissing it as a film – it does bring a lot of warmth and fills your heart with overflow of happiness. Don’t miss it


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