Trip to Nostalgia : Khotey Sikkey

A couple of months back, I’d taken a trip to memory down lane to a show that personally changed my life. Today, I can sense excitement to write about this cat-n-mouse slick biweekly series (from the same ground-breaking production) that captured our imagination of ideal crime-free surrounding with elan.

Khotey Sikkey made it’s television release on January 2011 and since then became my instant favorite. Back then, there was an incredible hype surrounding the show because it had promising look, interesting cast, a power-studio to back and most importantly, a tale to narrate that dared to be different and was independent of the harmful TRP games and no prizes to be guess, It eventually turned out to be a successful show despite slow start.


Left to Right : Vikas Kumar, Sukhmani Sadana, Hasan Zaidi, Dilkhush Reporter, Adhyaay Bakshi, Puru Chibber

Senior Inspector Damodar Deshmukh (Vikas Kumar) is a no-nonsense, inviolable and piercing cop who can’t stand the sight of criminals who take themselves often too seriously. One night, he is pitted against five highly privileged spoilt brats:

Mohit Kishenchandani (Hasan Zaidi) gets charged for drink-and-drive causing his girlfriend to fall into coma.

Uttara Bakshi (Sukhmani Sadhana), aspiring model, resort to arson to settle scores with her actor brother, leading her behind the bar

Hameer Rizvi (Puru Chibber) is caught red-handed over a petty thief and being a professional gambler doesn’t serve anything better.

Dilnaaz Shroff (Dilkhush Reporter), a drug addict, uses arms illegally making her way to prison.

Ayush Khetarpal (Mark Parakh) is a professional hacker. Do I need to elaborate more his arrest?

Damodar despises them in the first meet and using their bail unavailability, decides to teach them a lesson for life. Here the twist comes. Generally, criminals are often subjected to humungous torture that can even include third degree; here Damodar assigns them to help him uncover crime scenes. In short, these five kids are hired as crime researchers.

Director Jijy Philips (man behind ‘My wife’s murder’) and Siddharth Anand Kumar gets to sink their teeth in a material that was riveting and relevant even today. All the 26 episodes leaned on premises that were nothing less than stimulating our brain cells but also drive an adrenaline rush.

Khotey Sikkey exposes what’s wrong with our police procedure and investigation process and how botched up it can get under vulnerable influences. Not only are the crimes overlooked and victims denied justice but also brings our attention to the condition that wrecked the constitution of jail that usually must have centered on reformation of prisoners.

If had the chance, Damodar could’ve easily made sure to make the five youth suffer in jail with manipulations in trial, but he doesn’t, instead takes up the responsibility alone to change their mindset and assign them with tasks to investigate, nab the culprits and find a solution to make them realize how people can turn into a ferocious animals if left them uncorrected.

Quite obvious it’s a show and in real life, one Damodar cannot change the entire outlook of police force and five youth single handedly cannot make up for the potential crimes occuring in the city. However, I wonder what if all the police force instill the kind of sincerity and unapologetic approach towards case solving, seldom letting external factors make them bend down or break their spirit.

Also bringing up youth like Mohit, Hameer, Uttara, Dilnaaz and Ayush, aid them realize their deeds and transform into a better human being can institute a lot of change because it was after all their inner conscious that pricked them and made them take a firm decision to fight for a course that doesn’t require any economic strata to prove a point.

Hasan Zaidi, Sukhmani Sadana, Puru Chibber, Dilkhush Reporter and Mark Parakh were a genius casting. Not only did they allude the fanciness of wealthy society but also successfully humanized to their respective roles with ease and the camaraderie they all share are infectious to core.

Khotey Sikkey wouldn’t have been such a thrill to watch if it wasn’t for Vikas Kumar. He is the glue that binds this show, delivering a performance so riveting and solemn as Damodar Deshmukh, and one can easily observes from miles away that his presence indeed uplifts the mood especially in the Goa episodes where he has to reluctantly reach up to his kids who gets embroiled in serious mess trapping all them in the web of murder. Last but not the least, Adhyaay Bakshi who plays Damodar’s trusted deputy Patil nails it and derive sharp sense of humor even in the most serious sequences.

We are in 2016 and five years have passed yet the visceral mood of Khotey Sikkey hasn’t faded amonsgst those who loved the show and ensured to not miss a single episode religiously and I did get an opportunity to meet the stars in the Filmistan Studio that I do treasure it.

Nived Nambiar

Below is the first episode of Khotey Sikkey for the starters who missed


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