Juveniles turning anti-social :’Society’ gone horribly wrong?

The juvenile, vicious and brutal in the Nirbhaya rape case, will be released from the four walls of jail.  Expectedly, entire country are shocked with this decision of letting a criminal scot-free who is reportedly not remorseful about his act and allegedly radicalized.

As the reports are suggesting, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is believed to be sponsoring him with the sum amount of Rs 10,000/- and a tailor machine to resume his mundane life.

To be honest, if the rapist does get acquainted, what is he going to do with that tailor machine and Rs 10,000/-? who would even think of getting their clothes stitched from him,? Before he could step out of the jail, what is the guarantee that he wouldn’t be spared or stands the highest chances to be killed by mob? His life is going to be miserable as hell either ways. In jail, he can be radicalized to become more brutal and outside, he will either be ostracized or get lynched. His life is basically over.

Juvenile justice bill has been drafted (awaiting consent) which states juvenile (committing hideous crimes) must be tried and sentenced as adults. 

There is more than what meets the eye. Yes, Nirbhaya rape case is the worst crime scene to ever struck the nation (given the graphical nature of the crime with no remorse shown by the criminals). Whether the juvenile’s bail gets granted or rejected is up to the parliament and accordingly will fix the fate of our country’s judiciary system in front of the whole world.


We have to understand how are juveniles turning out to be cut-throat criminals? How do they get the audacity to perpetrate such felonies in open space? What is exactly wrong with them?

Apart from Nirbhaya, I came across a case where a 16-year-old girl in Vadodara killed her parents with the help of her lover, poured acids and pesticides on them.  Currently sent to a ‘protected home’, No one knew about this case and even if it did manage to make it to news channels, would we protest it and urge the judiciary to block her release and put her behind the bar in the same manner we are outraging against this juvenile?

Before anyone of you call me a ‘misogynist’, I would like to clarify that crime is a crime and no one should be spared on the basis of age or gender & Juvenile doesn’t only mean ‘boys’

I, by no means, trying to cover up the brutal Nirbhaya’s rapist at all. My objective behind exposing this news is to express the fact that juveniles are horribly misled and we, as a society, are responsible for this degradation of human values.

When found guilty of a hideous crime, should be punished and sentenced to jail irrespective of their age, gender, cast or religion But at the same time, it has to be a reformed justice where they can be made to regret about their deeds and help them make the most of their tenure in jail productively (esp. life term)

Human is like a tree and branches are the outcome of their personality and upbringing. What’s the use of cutting the branches or the tree when the faulty roots remain intact and potent enough to grow all over again?

Money is the new religion and emotion is the new enemy; from a very young age kids have been part of the world that revolves around sexism. Certain rules are imposed on boys and some on girls, they aren’t taught to be civil with each other and discouraged from forming any bond resulting in a convoluted picture of misogyny and misandry we are, unfortunately, witnessing now.

Youngster have been growing up watching people committing crime, doing corruption, eve-teasing women, laws being misused and released on bail despite proven charges, emboldening their intention to commit more anti-social. This scenario has encouraged youth to take up petty crimes and eventually turning them into a stone-hearted criminals and law abusers.

Who are at fault? It is we, as a society, to have architected this world that have robbed the youth of their innocence.

We want the juvenile rapist to be behind bars and let’s consider that the verdict rules in our favor. What then?

How can we assure that he wouldn’t be radicalized?

How can we assure that he is being reformed under proper psychiatric and moral supervision?

If he even gets hanged? Are we done with our responsibilities? How can we guarantee that such events will never happen again?

I am afraid to say that there are more such juveniles being created by our criminalistic and corrupted society behind our back and must’ve hatched a plan to spread terror already.

What should we do to stop this malice?

  1. Proper understanding of Anatomy.
  2. Encouraging boys and girls interaction at the very young age with appropriate and friendly supervision.
  3. Avoid feeding the impressionable minds with our misogynist or misandrist thoughts.
  4. Create an environment of equality sans any unnecessary sexism around.
  5. Proper understanding of laws and discouraging both men and women to abuse it.
  6. Weekly meditation and spiritual practices.
  7. Teach both, boys and girls, good and bad touch.
  8. Most importantly, make sure the elders are liberal and non-judgemental because children learn from parent’s act and not words.

Many will ask me how can this possible now? We are too late.

We aren’t late, it’s just that we are too lethargic to understand the aftermath of our ‘chalta hai attitude’. What is going to happen to that Juvenile is something to watch out for? 

If he is released, certainly a letdown. Whether he deserves a second chance, it’s all upon us to decide

If his bail is rejected and sentenced, Mission is far from accomplished. Remember, we will have to dissect our society and figure out the juveniles who are in verge of turning a criminal and stop them at the right time.

We still have the power to save our youth from falling into the hills of crime.


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