Tamasha : R’evol’utionizing life like never before


Tamasha / Facebook Official page

If you’ve seen Imtiaz Ali’s film from “Socha Na Tha” to “Highway”, you can make out miles away that he has redefined love in the most surreal manner that is real and subtly disturbing. His next offering, this week’s new release ‘Tamasha’, soars to the level none expected.

Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) & Tara (Deepika Padukone) meet up for the first time in French Island of Corsica and strike up a friendship. But they decide not to reveal their name to avoid any possible sexual encounter, so they spend quality time with each other play-acting as Don and Mona Darling only to soon part away.


Tamasha/Facebook Official Page

Four years later, Tara , while shuttling from Kolkata to Delhi for an assignment, ends up meeting Ved, who is no longer the Don she had known and fall in love during her Corsica days. Ved is a sincere, people-pleasing, mechanical nine-to-five guy different from the enthusiastic image he’d created in Tara’s mind and unfortunately, not something she is fond of.

Narrated in a non-linear pattern, Imtiaz Ali insist us to read ‘between the lines‘. He has cleverly flourished the messages of chasing dream, seize the moment, fall in love with each and every feelings one has to associate with, beneath the complexity of the characters.

Crying scene

Tamasha/Facebook Official page

We all have grown up hearing stories about love and it’s manifestation from our younger days and have feed our mind that our journey and destination of our life would only end up being the same like fables, what differs are the names. However, we are never given the prerogative to change the cycle. We are made to assume that being ‘ordinary’ is a norm and legacy must continue and this legacy is indeed dangerous to even celebrate, let alone to tolerate. Imitiaz doesn’t antagonize any characters here, all are flawed and mysterious in their own way. It’s our faulty foundation of “hiding true self” and the idea to conform to structured society who neither owe us anything nor we, turning most of us into schizophrenic and a robot longing to breath and break free.

Ved has reluctantly been the part of a vicious race he never wished to be; he is a born story teller who is blessed with the grace to floor anyone with his unique voice  (no one seem to have bothered to ignite it except for Tara). He is someone who harbors a dream none dares to but can’t find the courage to reverse the cycle, internally eating his self-esteem every moment he lives.


Tamasha/Facebook Official page

Tara, on the other hand, is a manic pixie dream girl with a grace. She’s sorted woman courageous enough not only to stand for herself but also for her beloved. She is someone who isn’t shy to be wracked with guilt of hurting someone and goes long way to comfort him despite his disapproval. She strongly desires to live with a guy who gets as excited as a child when he is intrigued by the beauty of nature and tells a story that pierces straight into heart. She inspires Ved to not only acknowledge her but also his inner most desire to germinate and grow as a tree with a mighty strength.

A.R.Rahman‘s music is ‘Divine’. Every song is juxtaposed with scenes that uplifts the heart inside us pumping with bated breath; The song ‘Agar Tum Saath Ho‘ is a gem where (I couldn’t hold back my tears) Tara, consumed by love and ruined with guilt urges Ved to forgive her for her words that have brought him to nervous standstill. Completely out of his sense and struggling with his inner demons, He backs her off yet she embraces him with passion with an intent to give him the love he deserves. Masterstroke !


Tamasha/Facebook Official Page

Deepika Padukone is scintillating as Tara. Film unfolds through the eyes of Ved, yet she is omnipresent and luminous. I can’t think of a better compliment than this to say that no one could’ve played Tara better than Deepika, so powerful she is. Ranbir Kapoor is terrific as Ved, his transition from a full-of-life and fragile lover to a utterly confused and disillusioned Ved is heart-breaking.

Needless to say, The performances of both will make you weep and force you to come into the screen and will fire the yearn within you to hug them and say, ‘I am there for you guys, I will not desert you’. Chemistry of Ranbir and Deepika is nothing short of passion and sexual intensity is clearly evident. Unforgettable pair !

Tamasha is an experience no one should miss. Strongly recommended !


Tamasha/Facebook Official Page


2 thoughts on “Tamasha : R’evol’utionizing life like never before

    • Nived Nambiar says:

      Hi Merlin,

      Yes, many sequences – post intermission – did put off many for it’s grim theme but that’s exactly what Imtiaz wanted to say. For Ranbir’s “Ved’, it wasn’t easy to unlearn the robotic life he was acquired to. 🙂


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