Sensationalism kills Journalism

We all have developed a habit to read newspaper or e-newspaper on our high-tech smartphones early in the morning sipping our cup of tea. Apart from that, Periodicals help in polishing our language skills and increases our confidence to speak but did we realize that it is at the cost of feeding our mind with garbage of negativity that holds the potential to make one feel low the entire day.

I didn’t study journalism for Post-graduation studies (Wish I did) and not a good speaker to lecture on how to be a good journalist but as a citizen, I do understand the objectivity behind writing a report or delivering news to the world :

Journalistic objectivity requires that a journalist not be on either side of an argument. The journalist must report only the facts and not a personal attitude toward the facts.


To break the habit of depending on news is a task because even if we cut off the subscription from our cable operators, Internet provides us plethora of websites that are filled with reports flashing from all the corner of the globe. I am not discouraging anyone to stop watching news or read it

Keep in mind that, You should be wise enough to understand what messages are the headlines trying to convey. In short, As a citizen of our country, Don’t let the media control you, you should keep them under control.

In the past few days, Our Television and desktops were exploded with overly-hyped controversial episode on Intolerance statement candidly spoken by a celebrated actor. I would like to move on without creating any disruption, We all have exercised our right to express as a citizen of the democratic country of India. Did anyone noticed that, None of the news channels had taken an effort to cross-checked what was being said?

Pen is truly mightier than the sword

Journalist need to understand that they have a power which comes with great responsibility to circulate an articulate information to people without being highly opinionated and ill-intention to create ripples in the normal day-to-day life of people and risk the communal air.

Yesterday itself, I’d come across an article where it was written that ‘the actor who had ‘threaten’ to leave India, was seen in the International Airport to travel to US but not forever‘. Threaten? Really? What made the reporter to write a statement that could severely add more fuel to the fire?

Keep aside Aamir, In Past, Raj Thackeray have been the victim of media exaggeration where his statements were often misquoted to generate TRPs and create a debate that never provided the opportunity to be outraged upon in the first place.

Assaduddin Owaisi had once quoted (much to everyone’s surprise) that In India, Subsidy of Hajj must be scrapped and the 600 crore amount generated must be invested on a muslim girl’s scholarship. Why didn’t the journalist let it make to the news headlines?

When Jasleen Kaur Molestation case emerged from no where, Everyone hailed her as a courageous girl who fought against her molester. No one ever cared to figure out the other side of the story almost endangering the guy’s social life.

Mallika Sherawat was bashed for commenting on India to be a dangerous place for a girl to be born. Like Aamir, even she was bullied and asked to shift her base from India to Los Angeles if was so disappointed with her country (Such extreme reaction had come from the same people who’d understandably, criticized our country after the infamous Nirbhaya Rape Case). Media made sure to add more insult to injury by highlighting her statement for a commercial impact.

Preity Zinta is known for being in the news for wrong reason and she isn’t to be blamed. Journalist, without taking an effort to contact her and clarify, would often publish articles on her personal and professional life that never bear any resemblances.

Prime example is our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. he has been on foreign tour and but I cant remember any source  (Barring random Facebook Pages) that analyze his objective behind his ‘flight mode’ as suggested. Many News Channels are divided in the context of supporting or prosecuting Modi with a personal vengance and accordingly reports are created.

More Recently, Rahul Gandhi had visited Mount Carmel College in Bangalore for an interactive session with the students. There was a breaking news all around where it was said that Rahul got snubbed by the students when he tried to act smart and made an attempt to troll Modi. No prize to guess, It turned out to be a comic episode until an open letter from the student of Mount Carmel was circulated in Facebook exposing what exactly happened and why it was different to the one exaggerated by media.

List is endless and If I continue to write, my fingers would start paining to type. Reading the aforementioned illustrations, There is no doubt that Media has played a huge role in blowing things out of proportion since very long time.

Like I had mentioned earlier, There is absolutely no harm to keep in tap with what’s going around. News can be beneficial source to nourish your cerebral but not at the cost of hampering your mind to distinguish right from wrong.

How do we stop it?

STOP RESPONDING ! (Said remarkably by Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on his own voice) The more we respond and more we trend a selective and unnecessary news, TRPs will increase, and the people associated will cash on it.

Money, greed, power and sensationalism is a new strategy and a new religion. Everyone will bow down to it, Don’t follow the herd mentality.

We have to withdraw the attitude of associating ourselves from negative newsfeed,

Read the news, You agree with it? Fine. Do not agree with it? Fine, Not a problem, Opinions aren’t necessary to be matched. We all have a different mind with different perception but let’s not loose control on our emotions and make way for a uncivilized behavior. This outcome of our is the real winning jackpot for the TRP business.

I would like to add that, if there are bad journalists, there are good journalists too who joins the field with an affirm mind to showcase news that are appropriate and correct. I am not oblivious to the fact that many times their professional life have come to standstill because they believed in the ethics of journalism and refuse to be a puppet of a dominating organization. Aspiring ones must have the courage to join the latter category and add more power to their writing and voice in such a manner that we might not need someone else’s mind to handcuff us.

And as far as intolerance or tolerance are concerned, It’s not only Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor or Prime Minister Modi’s alone job to safeguard our country. ‘We’ as a citizen have an equal responsibility to take up steps to ensure we progressively make our country a better place to live with multi-cultural faith in peace and be intolerant to internal tumors harming our nation and for that sitting near MacBook as a couch potato is not an answer. You hate something that’s bothering you? Take up the cause with your friends and start being vocal to the right people. Don’t wait for others to start, BE THAT START. For that, We need to use our brains and understand the contents to be assimilated (without being political) and others to be discarded. let’s not judge each other on the basis of headline circulated.

Read – Analyze – Agree – Disagree – Move on


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