007 Spectre : Only Stunts and No Bellucci makes Bond a Dull Boy


Daniel Craig as James Bond

Spectre, the new James Bond flick, released fortnight ago here in UAE, and I had decided to write about it when it releases in India to avoid spoilers leaked.

By all means, Spectre is fun but wish it had been made more coherent.


Lea Seydoux as Dr Melannie Swann

Film starts off with Bond (Daniel Craig) taking us through Mexico City’s Dance of the dead celebration where he kills a criminal Marco Sciarra, who intends to blow off the stadium. It is revealed that he was the part of global criminal syndicate and terrorist organization SPECTRE founded by Ernst Stavro Blofled (Christopher Waltz). Bond kicks off his journey of espionage to get hold of him unraveling the secrets linking him with Ernest in personal aspect.

Directed Sam Mendes succeeds when it comes to the actions and stunts. Hand-on-Hand fights, Stunts involving in Helicopters, cars, jet planes, trains takes your breath away. It is executed with so much perfection and yet cunningly tries to shifts our focus from the lethal flaw Mendes commit this time around : Certainly a long film with 148 minutes and characters not fleshed out adequately given the calibre and sensibility Mendes known for. Sorry, Badass Detected

I can confidently say that many of us have been waiting for the release of Spectre with bated breath for one gorgeous reason : Monica Bellucci.


Monica Belluci (Lucia Sciarra) and Daniel Craig (James Bond)

I have to reluctantly break countless hearts now, because she has a ‘cameo’ appearance. Yes, a cameo as murdered don Sciarra’s widow Lucia. Casting her a bond girl was deemed as a welcome change and her presence is worth a million. Needlessly to say, she is a terrific actress with a heavenly gorgeous persona unmatched despite crossing half century and possess the quality to make any men go weak at their knees

Lea Seydoux, the other bond girl, as Dr Melannie Swann is a terrific choice and shares a crackling chemistry with Craig but alas ! it’s a real shame that his pairing with someone as sensational as Bellucci turned out to be turkey and Sam Mendes have to sportingly take the blame.


Christopher Waltz as Ernst Stavro Blofled

Christopher Waltz shines as the spectre mastermind Ernst Blofled, although the film doesn’t provide him the creative space to put on much effort. Ralph Fiennes is nicely casted as the new M.

To be frank, Spectre is not at all boring, packed with solid action stunts you are likely to enjoy, It is thrilling and has the uber cool quotient with Daniel Craig as a the perfectly cast stylish British spy but sadly it is not as good in the department of cardinal characters as it was expected from Sam Mendes after his remarkable predecessor Skyfall.

Watch the film with lowest expectations. For the ones expecting more of Monica, brace yourself for the major disappointment as the Indian Censor board have almost distastefully cut down portion as an excuse of unsuitable viewing.


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