Why International Men’s Day is as important as International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Men’s Day has never been a’norm’ as such and I doubt many would be allowed or have the freedom to observe.

Many will agree with me that being a man is as hard as being a woman in today’s time. From time memorial,

  1. We boys have never been encouraged to ‘cry’ because it is regarded as symbol of being weak. in short, ‘Don’t be a girl!’
  2. We are trained to think that We are ‘man’ if we can fight and beat the hell out of the opponent.
  3. We must choose a carrier keeping in mind about marriage, family and investment.
  4. We must develop muscles and six-eight pack abs to look ‘Cool dude’ because anything lesser than that is unworthy.
  5. We must be a crusader to save our loved ones from all the potential harm all the time, otherwise you are not a man.
  6. You are labelled as ‘Mumma’s boy’ and ‘Wife slave’ no matter whom you stand for rationally.
  7. A man cannot be a househusband, it’s against the dignity of a male.
  8. It’s a parliamentary crime for us to be broke (esp. when dating).

I’ve no intention to hurt anyone, Women have been affected by the extreme sexism and till date. But somewhere in the process of rightly comforting our women, men have been sidelined and, if the invisibility continues for a longer time, can be vanished.

I happened to read an article published by ‘The Independent’ very recently where the writer Holly Baxter had enlighten on why it isn’t necessary to observe ‘International Men’s Day’? She quipped that if given a chance to summarise what life, in the public eye, is for a female journalist, She would do it in two words : Rape Threat. Though I did find the work enlightening, it is depressing at the same time




While I cent percent agree that women have had to endure tragedy of life equivalent to hell for ages, it’s tough to describe in words their trauma. Centuries has passed on, yet in some corner of the globe, Women are still treated as second class citizen without proper basic rights and merciless social crimes have been perpetrated on them. I can not agree with your logic that an entire male species are a potential rapist and abuser just because of few scavengers.

I am sorry Baxter, With respect, I beg to differ. We do not celebrate International Men’s day on regular basis as you have mentioned in your article. You seem to be a misandrist.



Internationa Men’s Day/ http://www.logoaday.co


It’s important to make note that ‘Misandry’ is as equally threatening as ‘Misogyny’ and both factors are capable enough to tumble the entire humanity.

Don’t believe me?

Surf to Youtube and catch the domestic abuse episode of ‘Satyamev Jayate Season 1’, the guest activist Kamla Bhasin had asked host Aamir Khan, ‘What is the opposite of Patriarchy?, he replied ‘Must be Matriarchy’. with no time she responded with zest, ‘No, Zero Marks, Equality. If Patriarchy is dangerous, so is Matriarchy, Equality is the right answer and the only solution to dilute the gender war’.

Men are as equally unsafe as women, young boys are as equally victimised by child sex abusers as young girls before they complete 13th year. If Nirbhaya rapists and Acid Attackers are blot to humanity so are people like ‘Rohtak Sisters’ and ‘Jasleen Kaur’. They have not only misused the law to fuel their mileage but also put every single person in extreme danger vulnerable to crime against them.



Men’s issues/www.telegraph.co.uk

Not all men are rapist and abuser and not all women are victims.

If some men can double date, cheat their unsuspecting girlfriends, so can girls do the same against their unsuspecting boyfriends. if some men desire a women’s body only, some women do desire only men’s heavy wallet. if naming women is fundamentally wrong, do does naming a guy is.

In short, if women wish to not be generalized because of some faulty section of their population, so does boys. It’s very simple.

False dowry and rape cases have not only tormented unsuspecting men and their family legally and emotionally but also driven them to end their life as they lose the will to fight the legal battle anymore and fear of being outcast. The Statistics of Suicide committed by men have doubled, but no one seems to care. As a result, it never reaches the breaking news of all the News Channels. Why? because it doesn’t garner TRPs

International Men’s Day is not observed with an intention to pit us against women, but to make them realize that even ‘We’ are special too. Like Deepika Padukone had said in 3rd season of climatic episode of ‘Satyamev Jayate 3’ that, ‘We only want to be loved. That’s it’, We men do share the same thought. We haven’t acquired the misogynistic genes our ancestors had. We men have heart too, All we need is love, support and care like you do. Is it that a big demand?

Ask yourself this question, Had we all been living in peace with each other sans misunderstanding and complexity, would there be any need to even mark such events? Think about it.





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