Triumph over ‘Depression’

Depression is a silent killer that can affect anyone regardless of age and economic strata. Living in a luxurious home, owning a BMW automobile with a desirable marriage doesn’t guarantee one to be happy. Depression is an ailment, that can not probe easily. Things appear ‘perfect’ but in the inner world for the sufferer.

This highly underrated medical condition is a dis-ease that is as equally threatening as physical ailments. The only major difference is the ‘visibility’. In the physical disease, Symptoms catches our attention whereas Depression doesn’t. It’s hidden behind that mask of smiling face, where thoughts beneath are colliding around in crazy directions.

Depression symptoms can be:

  1. Feeling burden on your body.
  2. lypophrenia (Sadness without apparent reason or source)
  3. No motivation to live
  4. Mood Swings
  5. Over-eating, followed by subsequent weight gain
  6. High Blood Pressure
  7. Migraine (in severe conditions)
  8. Cardiovascular problems.
  9. Suicidal tendencies (often fatal)
  10. Neurological disorders.

Why exactly do people suffer from depression?

  1. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as a result of Child Sex Abuse or Rape or any other physical attack inflicted on.
  2. Academic pressure
  3. Curb of Freedom of Expression
  4. Personal Tragedy
  5. Battling gender dysphoria.
  6. Failed Relationships.
  7. Fallacious legal convictions.
  8. Financial insecurity.
  9. Overload Professional life.
  10. Obsessive Compulsion Disorders

List goes on and on & depends on individual’s physical reaction. It can either be one or multiple of these reasons together mentioned above.

I have come across many who are fighting this menacing mental ailment every moment of their life but can’t seem to channelize ways to vent out or speak about it. Firstly, what majority of us lack are, safe and judgement free ambience and for that Family must stand for it, for their kids to be able to express themselves without having to fear.

What I personally feel is we need to cultivate the ability to ‘Listen sans prejudice’.

The world is filled with enough creatures who imminently feel the need to talk, talk and talk with no apparent reason. We need listeners who are not only willing to lend a hand but also hold judgement-free perception. Someone who can build up ways to invest the lost self-esteem in patients (without making them feel disgusted or inferior about their suffering).

Biggest harm one can ever inflict is ‘Dismissing the emotions‘. If a patient opens up and expresses his/her feelings to you, It’s because they ‘trust’ you and believe that you wouldn’t disregard them and will at least provide them a medium to release their mixed emotions.

The word ‘Psychiatrist’ can scare the hell out of people because there is a perception that consulting them is a matter of shame and undermines the individual’s dignity. I would like to clear a point that is, never feel ashamed to knock the door of psychiatrist because they – in the end – have a huge responsibility to restructure your thought process and would do anything to ensure you gradually move on from the phase. Take the first step to discard the ‘what-will-world-say’ syndrome.

Undergoing Depression doesn’t mean the patient is mentally unstable or lunatic or we should feel the need to call them ‘Psycho’ or ‘drama’. Change the attitude. Like I have said earlier, depression is just like any disease that requires medical and emotional monitoring and is curable, if treated on time. Provide them platform to vent out their stuck emotions or else rushing up to their corpse remains meaningless.

Besides having  medicines, Patients need ‘love’, ‘care’ and ‘understanding’. These three remedies are sufficient to triumph over this over-long phase of depression.


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