Border in Peace

We all have loved Kabir Khan’s recently released and immensely likable ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and were touched by the extraordinary Indo-Pak bond with a little girl playing the catalyst. I have admit, it was a delight to watch a film nicely integrating the emotions of both countries and I was so overwhelmed to connect with the idea and ambition behind making this gem. That’s my idea too ‘Aman ki Asha’. The Peace !

As of late, While the cancellation of Ghazal Singer Ghulam Ali’s concert by Shiv Sena, once again made headlines and triggering the Indo-Pak sentiments, on the other hand, 13-year-old Saba Tariq Ahmed, from Karachi Province of Pakistan, is being treated for her rare genetic disease of Wilson Syndrome in Mumbai. What makes her special is Many Indians across the country have nearly contributed 13 lakhs for her treatment, setting an example that politics has nothing to with humanitarian.

We all are religiously addicted to watch the negative side of a story (Covered by Media) and complain every moment about, making it nearly impossible to figure out the other side.

Believe me. It isn’t that scarier at all ! There are roses on the other side of thorns.

I would like to say something that’s really important to reach your nerves cells in the most positive way.

‘PAKISTAN’: This word brings a lot of anger, hatred and other negative words that exist in dictionary. This ill-fated nation has always been in news for wrong reasons from Worldwide terrorism epidemic to shielding India’s most wanted Terrorist Dawood Ibrahim.

I agree !

I condemn the Bombay Blast that sadly happened on 12th March, 1993, Many people had lost their life and the families have been scarred since. Likewise, 26/11 turned out to be the most disturbing and atrocious violent event in the world history. It’s the most accurately organized social crime event where Every Indian had lost their appetite, felt endangered and been lifeless until every terrorist caught wiped out except Ajmal Kasab (who eventually got hanged after 4 years of lenient legal proceeding). What made us tear out hair with anger is they are constantly on denial and never ever admitting.

Still, I have a question,  Why to blame an entire country or a particular community for this? Why to mix up politics and culture?

Let’s get straight to the point,

Try asking yourself the below-mentioned questionnaires;

* How do we feel when India is projected as ‘’Rape Country’’ and the All Men living are potential rapist and perverts (when in reality, sensible and supportive men exists equally).

* How do we feel when India is publicly shamed or discriminated as a Racist and Castiest, On the Contrary, there are many who doesn’t stand for it?

* How do we feel When India is called a ‘Hindu State’, as you can see, It is the most secular country inhabiting different religions co-existing together?


Don’t you think it’s unfair to judge ‘Pakistan’ for being a Terrorist country just because some of the Terror elements are disrupting peace between neighbors?

Many of us must be thinking this article is Pro-Pakistan but I will have to say,

I am against people adding trouble to peace with their radical vision, vicious conspiracy & deceptive politicians to paid media. But that doesn’t mean every citizen are appealing the same.

” A terrorist or group of militancy cannot represent an entire nation ”

I have a very interesting personal experience to share,

A family friend of mine, hailing from Pakistan, were supposed to organize a Nikah for their beloved member in their native but had to drop the idea and settled with plan to marry abroad. When I had asked why aren’t you getting married in your hometown, this was the answer :

‘it’s no longer a safe country for us. In Karachi, People live and breath every moment with fear of getting killed. The local mob notoriously enter people’s home with arms and loot them money and expensive materials esp. gold and if anyone resist, the victims are gunned down mercilessly. In such a scenario, If we organize nikah ceremony, they will be informed by secret sources and soon will disrupt our best moment & can turn mournful. Pakistan is a lawless country, we have no options but to confine to their demands and suffer their atrocious manner.’

This conversation was eye-opening and I have started seeing the country with a different perception.

Of course, I have always consciously kept myself away from this warring world because I wanted to  (and finally after years of Self work ) create a universe within me that only have place for joy and love (as stereotypical fairytale as it may sound) & I am aware that Religion card was being widely misused, people are misguided and manipulated, leading none of them to see anything good beyond the lanes of hatred.

The person even added that the people of Pakistan have mutual respect and feeling for Indians and inherently wants the peace between both, unfortunately their voice doesn’t make it to the news. Same scenario is happening in this side of border too, There are many Indians who wishes to reconnect with Pakistan and aren’t seeing the nation conventionally as others.

If our freedom is jeopardized, so does they. If our voice doesn’t reach, do does they ! If we have had enough of being terrorized, so does they !!

In short, the Good People over there are equally traumatized and tortured just like anyone.

We don’t wake up and start our day by abusing Pakistan and neither do they. News Channels will be broadcasting stories and 90% will be in negative to feed your mind. You cannot control their thoughts, However, You have the power to negate and see the ”positive side”.

Let’s fight against terrorism and not against a country or a community. We need to take a stand against Both India & Pakistan’s ill-minded people and not against the entire country because somewhere amidst them, lies a great degree of love and peace that’s urging to come out and blossom !!


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