Agree To Disagree

No individuals are similar, not even by the spirally coiled DNA’s regulating inside our body. There are and will always be differences and same theory applies to our thoughts and opinion. Polarity will be co-existing and we need to deal with it and exactly that’s what we humans are, Exceptionally flawed yet liberating creature.


How I wish we learn how to deal it with integrity and mutual respect and most importantly civilized manner.

Whether it is to judge the credibility of a religion, sportsperson, actors, careers, etc, I mean anything we associate ourselves in our mundane life. We can hardly come to a unified opinion or solution and to be frank it’s absolutely fine. It’s essential to stand by your ideas, at the same time, respect the opposing views you find it hard to appreciate. It’s indeed a discomforting space to be in, but slowly and steadily it gets into our veins and life does feel more easy.

It’s natural to feel demoralized to be counterattacked for your statements or ideas. What’s not correct is the pattern of giving it back in harshest manner. It’s an impeachment of our freedom of expression. Let’s take an example on our Digital world, that has provided ‘war of the words’ to sustain

For Instance Twitter Trolling the Celebrities for their debatable tweets have become a harmful trend and isn’t doing any good. Recently well-known actor and television anchor Shruti Seth tweeted to emphasize more on grass-roots on women empowerment reform & criticizing the digitally flattering campaign of ‘Selfie with Daughter’.


One tweet and All Hell broke loose !

Shruti suddenly became the Butt of sexist and racial jokes, verbally assaulting her character, her family, her faith and even her existence of being a woman in a very short time. She even candidly said it was her grave mistake to express that attracted so much atrocious and mean lines.

Sonakshi Sinha & Sonam Kapoor too had to face the brunt of twitterati world. Former was fat shamed while the latter was poked fun for coining term ‘misogynistic’ on meat ban, doubting her language command respectively.


I am not trying  to portray them as ‘right’. They may have shared a polarizing opinion and may not be right. Many didn’t agree with their statements and they were quite content with it, until the uninvited abuses started lurking them left, right and center. It’s not only limited to Actors, Every person from all walk of life have face the heat of extreme counterattack.

Social Shaming have destructively become a trend. Just have a look below any link, tweet, post, videos and images are the comments that ranges from being nasty to being racist, sexist and adhering to harsher expletives and it has not only affected public figures but also normal citizens operating net for productivity.

Best way to counter-comment in a healthy way is;

‘I do not agree with what you have said, but I still respect it’ or ‘Let’s agree to disagree’. Still not convinced?? Feeling the urge to explain. Speak up rationally integrating your views and the opposite person’s view sans getting personal and leave the point there itself with no provocations.

14/03/2012 – MUMBAI: Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor during the inaugural ceremony of FICCI Frames 2012 in Mumbai – PTI Photo. [Nation, Bollywood, Actress, Sonam Kapoor]

Likewise, There are majority of people, who are pretty much comfortable in their own tradition, religion, culture, But at the same time, develop cold feet and turn hostile to accept other’s distinguished lifestyle. An exceptional case of ‘Bigotry’ and I say, shouldn’t be tolerated. Your views cannot necessarily be other’s too.

You agree, That’s good. Cannot agree? Not a problem. At least Respect the path or the faith followed by others. Never resort to violence of any form to prove your point. It’s the worst thing you can ever do to anyone in this world.


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