Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do : Family worth watching for

I have never been an ardent fan of fancy soap operas (Celebrated trend kick-started started by Czarina Ekta Kapoor decades ago in India) and I did manage to stay miles away until I came across her mature love story ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hai’. It was far superior to her previous conceptualized shows.

‘Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do’, her finite new show (Under Balaji) that got launched a week ago, is a different beast. It centers around influential wealthy Hooda Family based in New Delhi. Preet and Ishaan Hooda (Mona Singh & Mohammad Iqbal Khan), a couple married for 4 years with a daughter, hold and cherish their family as a gift.

Their day start and end running around and fulfilling their family’s responsibility and spend moments with them happy but with each other. The romance has fizzled out over the years and have reduced to just being friends. Show focuses on how Hooda family step forward and bring the lost-in-translation couple back into each other’s arm.

All episodes (Till date) have consistently kept me on my toes. Makers seem to be in ‘Sherlock Holmes’ mode to take us for an unpredictable thrilling ride. There is no person in this world alive without past best hidden. The Same theory applies over here as well, Everyone in the family are more than what meets the eye and it is only getting more intriguing to peep into the dark secrets concealed within the four walls … Oops !! Sorry, Big Villa of this ‘Perfect happy family’. It’s time we wear our thinking caps with a feather.

PKHJD works in major ways because it successfully break free from the decade-old standard and unidimensional Saas-Bahu drama.

Gone are the days when ‘saasumas’ and ‘bahuranis’ would clash for preparing an Aloo paratha in the Kitchen.

Gone are those visually discomforting days when women and men would hit the sack with heavy gold and embroidered kanji avaram sarees & splendidly designer sherwani draped on their body respectively

Gone are those days when characters, after series of leap years and in numerous plastic surgeries, still remain young enough to give the ‘Kardashians’ & ‘McConaughey’ a run for their money.

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do portrays normal family meet normal misunderstanding, who resort to normal disagreement yet stay in unity. Their life mirrors real experience, It questions your beliefs on parental expectations, Urges you to take huge leap of faith, Career v/s family business.

Couples often loose spark in their marriage, Preet & Ishan faces the similar crisis and show tries to convey that it’s very normal to experience emptiness in wedlock as a result of increasing responsibility. What requires is Intimacy, mutual understanding and trust to rekindle the romance.

The other theme that touched my heart as well is parental worship, Ishaan is seen holding high regards for his ‘Bade Pappa’ (played by fame Mickey Makhija, wonderful) and barge about it more often, cross-questioning us : ‘Aren’t you equally important to your parents? Aren’t your dreams important for your parents as well?.

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do benefits immensely from it’s clever casting, Most of them have come on-screen after a huge sabbatical break, hence lends a charming touch to their respective roles.

Mona Singh is fabulous, playing Preet with genuine affections and with few episodes on-air, has already raised the bar strikingly high, Known for her Ugly betty act in ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin’, Mona has definitely come way long in terms of performance. Mohammad Iqbal Khan shines as Ishaan, Ever since his gray shade has been exposed, his role is getting murkier than ever and Iqbal justifies it expressively. In fact I am confused whether is he a good or bad guy? Mona and Iqbal share a very warm chemistry onscreen, it lit up the screen when they come together.

Pushtiie Shakti is the sunshine, She plays Hooda’s youngest daughter Neeti with incredible innocence. Being such a fine fine actor, She can span through happy-breezy with her eyes closed. What sets Neethi apart is she is transparent, Unabashed and confident on her own skin.

Parag Tyagi is endearing as Neeti’s husband Kuku. He has a personality indeed deceptive, He might appear rough but from inside, he is lovable. Parag and Pushtiie (Strong chemistry) at times save us from some dramatic scenes that tend to get schmaltzy.

Special mention for Mansi Sharma (Trisha Hooda) & Lavin Gothi (Siddharth Hooda), They are refreshingly natural and I look forward to watch how their character shapes up in upcoming episodes.

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do is a quite a refreshing show, Keeping aside the jarring background score, slow pace, it’s worth your time.

(Watch  ‘Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do’  Mon-Fri at 9 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television)