A Child born from ‘Heart’

‘Biological means Born from Stomach, Adoption means born from Heart’

That’s exactly how renowned Indian Actor Sushmita Sen explains with warmth to her daughter, whom she had adopted as a single mummy at the age of 25. Back then, it raised eyeballs and led to debate on single motherhood and was deemed blasphemous. Now, it has definitely open new doors for single parents to have a baby without any obligation of getting married.

I personally believe, a child’s biggest strength and nourishment are the love of their parents (whether they’re married couples or single).

ADOPTION IS A LIFE GIFTED TO A CHILD then why is it such a taboo?

Couples, who are infertile due to medical reasons and can’t be cured even after undergoing expensive treatment of IVF, are often rendered childless. Already they face the brunt of being socially outcast and find it extremely difficult to address their medical condition. On top of it, Their plans to adopt a child are often backfired by families who hold a rather traditional view that only find biological child desirable and worthy to carry forward legacy. The will to adopt is quite obviously visible in many couples, including single parent, only to do be squandered at the end of the day.

I have no grudges against IVF, Don’t get me wrong. Thanks to our unhealthy lifestyle, infertility is increasing at alarming rate amongst youth and should be medically treated. If a couple can conceive through successful IVF or through surrogacy, It’s absolutely a great news.

I am only against the mindset we have been following blindly from our ancestral ages. An adopted baby is a baby and are bundle of unconditional love. They are as equally gifted as the biological child. They do make great difference in our life and inspires us to become a better person.

I have to say one thing,

We love our family and it’s hard to describe their affection, sacrifices and tenderness in words, However, don’t even shy away from introspecting the values you are being fed and the culture you and your family have been following for ages. You find it very regressive, muster up the courage and say ‘Buck stops here’.

We have to take a stand, look past the Blood and DNA and love the child as a human.

4 thoughts on “A Child born from ‘Heart’

  1. Hello Nived,
    I believe pure thoughts come only from such a pure heart n mind, which u have.
    I want to tell u something which only my best friend knows… I want 2 kids. I have always dreamt of having a ggirl and a boy, what i want to tell u is if my 1st born is a girl then i am goin to adopt a boy n vice versa.. Bcz i think there are alot of children out there in need of a great life they deserve and i also want to experience the magic of bearing a child. So yeah, giv birth to one n adopt one.
    M so happy to know that u also support adoption…


  2. Nived,

    Bang on bro… We as a society need to look at traditions and beliefs that are not working for us. A child even if biological, but without the right loving atmosphere at home will grow into an adult with traumas in the psyche. On the other hand, an adopted child within a loving home with grow up to be a beautiful person.


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