Separation is a ‘Blessing’

Once you do embark upon the separation or divorce process, it is very important to remember three key things: Be kind, be reasonable, be brief. Remember that this person will no longer be your spouse, but he or she will continue to be your co-parent, family member, and perhaps business partner in certain assets or entities.

Laura Wasser

This powerful Statement by Laura Wasser is a progressive approach to separation.

Divorce’ is seen as an cardinal sin in the eyes of religious and culturally bound people. Couples, either separated or in the process, are often seen with utter disgust and are more prone to being social outcast esp. women.

Quite recently, highly renowned actors Konkona Sen Sharma and Ranvir Shorey have recently come out to acknowledge their separation in their respective social networking account. It’s been a fodder for the media and mass alike. While many are supporting it, others have (as usual) started slamming atrocious remarks on their characters behind twitter handles or Facebook account. It’s not new given that many celebs have felt the heat earlier

Divorce : Termination of a legally celebrated marriage

Divorce : Termination of a legally celebrated marriage

First thing First, it’s a very personal decision taken by two mutually consented adults who are capable enough to understand their responsibilities and life as well as management to co-parent their child.

Secondly, Keep aside their superstardom for a while and see them as a normal human being and a citizen,

Why are divorces being seen as a ”sin”, why is it tough for world to see the positives out of it??

I believe that Marriage is beautiful union of two souls, but what’s the use of such a matrimony when the couple are just not happy at all.

I can hear questions echoing, what about those couple who willingly get hitched out of choice and suddenly filing cases to separate?

I would like to say, Marriage is neither a guarantee card for ‘Happily Ever After’ nor a solution to all the problems. Marriage is a different world where you find happiness in yourself and your partner. It’s not always about having Sex (As it has turned out to be though), It’s also about feelings, togetherness. Whether you are opting for arrange marriage or a love marriage, Fights and disagreements are bound to happen BUT with loss of love, the magick fades and looses it’s spark.

What happens when you try stretching the rubber band from both ends with strong force? IT BREAKS.

We, as a society, try our level best to push the couple to work on their failed marriage. The end result is nothing but disaster. Most of the time, we are ourself responsible for stigmatizing them to feel bad about their actions.

Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.

James A. Baldwin

A fighting couple in a perfectly functioning home is a perfect recipe to shrunk the psychological development of a child, leading to severe outcome. It’s definitely not easy for them to see their warring parents fight and hurl abuses on each other. They sense the drama around very easily and imitates their parent’s action, feeding their impressionable mind.

Kids are the one majorly affected

Kids are the one majorly affected

I agree, Divorce does have an impact on kids and worse, they are constantly under pressure to choose between either of the parents. Whatever may be their verdict, It certainly takes time for them to adapt to the chaos created around them. However, Unlike the kids growing in fighting family, Here as they grow and mature, they develop the understanding of love and affection more easily and essentially less bitter. They learn that people can be friends genuinely with each other even after facing separation. (As long as the parents remain friends post separation and are cordial with each other).

Parents must be very sensible and have to ensure to keep childrens in the mind while taking steps. In the end, Childrens must be happy no matter what !!

Isn’t it better for kids to live with two separately yet befriending parents rather then living in a unhappily married family?? just think about it.

When the bond is permanently and legally called off for whatsoever reason, The separated couple gets a lease of life where they can, in true sense, revisit their past as a reference to rectify the mistakes. Spend time in solitude, begin to love their presence. get rid of emotions that no longer serves any purpose, stand up for themselves, resume their life for the betterment and if cupid strikes, meeting a partner better than the previous is a blessing. 

Faulty relationship widens your perspective about love. You either get better or be bitter: choice is yours.

Best of Luck for all the couples out there. Married, divorced or in the process, it’s your life and no one knows you Better than YOU. You deserve to be happy regardless of what you have been through.


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