How to Train your Kids


Retrospective research has indicated that at least two out of every ten girls and one out of every ten boys have experienced sexual abuse before they can complete their 13th year. Likewise, Government of India commissioned survey found that more than 53% of children are abused, out of which many are left unreported.

The Paedophiles (a person having sexual attractions towards children) are increasing in the alarming rate and are shockingly familiar to the victim’s family. YES !! That’s the reality we all have to accept it.

Child Sexual Abuse can traumatize a child for lifetime, pushing him/her into a shell of darkness and loneliness. They get into the space of self-loathing, wracked with guilt, tend to be more suicidal and loose the motivation to live with confidence dramatically.

A random inappropriate touch to privates and force thrown on them can send chills, Let alone the monstrous sodomy. There have been cases where the incident remains repressed down the memory until it reappears after many years of all sudden, creating more panic.

Most of the cases are left unreported as the affected child can’t seem to figure out how to describe the event fearing  dismission.

Abuser doesn’t necessarily has to be a stranger, He/She can be a relative, cousins or any elderly person close to family, someone who is more trusted. Most of our parents have programmed our mind since our younger days that ”Never talk to strangers, Never listen to them because it’s not safe”. They, however, seem to forget or remain unaware with the fact that children can no longer feel secure even in the most comfortable zone of our space that is HOME.

There is a common perception that only girls are unsafe, whereas many testimonies has revealed that boys too have been equally victimized but their brave confession often fall on deaf ears because they are often welcomed by shaming statements like ‘How can a boy get raped’?. The other day I’d come across this terrifying article and was severely shocked to notice that there have been instances, where women have had indulged as a perpetrator but easily gets away because she is a ‘woman’.

Rape is a rape. Neither the victim nor perpetrator have nothing to do with gender.

Our children deserve to have a memorable childhood and not to be an object of sexual pleasure. First thing first,

We have to make our kids identify Good Touch and Bad Touch.

We are never too late to educate our kids to love their body and encourage them to nurture it.

Explain them the importance of saying ‘NO’ when required

Let’s find out what exactly is ‘Good Touch Bad Touch’ :

By Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM). Copyrighted.

By Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM)

Let’s focus more on Bad touch, Below is the Screenshot image of a child’s physical anatomy from Satyamev Jayate (Episode centered on Child Abuse, 2012)

Satyamev Jayate (13th May, 2012)

Satyamev Jayate (13th May, 2012)

Pedophile largely targets to the above-mentioned body parts . We have no idea, literally no idea how kids might feel when these areas are touched undesirably against their will. They are more often forcibly hugged and kissed, pampered with chocolates and toys to lure them, shown pornographic content,

Children have to be trained to recognize the person and the area he/she can possibly touch, enabling them to get mentally more alert and run for comforting shield. Design a ‘password’ system for her to identify potential threat.

In some scenario, when you are not nearby your child and any potential pedophile disguises him/herself as ‘Mommy’s or Daddy’s friend’, child can employ this trick by asking him/her the password (a secret code between the child and parents ONLY) to take her along and upon watching them clueless, child can easily recognize the danger and stay safe until you reach out to them.

I am not a Psychiatrist (I wish) or a Doctor, neither do I belong to any Social Activism (till now), but would like to say something, I believe, it has to reach out to as many as people.

Parents will have to break the barrier of fear and learn to develop the capability to Listen. Sometimes a listening ear and a comforting heart is what matters truly and for that Supreme patience is required. They can never ever gather the courage to speak up if parents remain strict or dominant all the time and get influenced by what people will say. Be patient and make an open forum and try to comfort your child saying that he/she should approach them and share their feelings and not to bottle it within.

PLEASE TRUST THEM, A Child would never lie about such incidence. Rejecting their plea and dismissing them can only harm their self-esteem and chances are the damage will unlikely be repaired when not conceived.

Our children can still live a beautiful childhood and enjoy every moment provided they are well guided and protected and trusted.

Inspire them to love their body and be alert !


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