Marriage & Career : Your Choice

Freedom is such a precious gift but either none of us give such an importance to it or the one who have can’t accurately make a great use of it. We usually associate Freedom with our Nation’s independence (Any country for the matter) but what exactly is Freedom?

In my words, Freedom means to attain liberty from Mental and physical captivity (or slavery for sounding euphemistic). We all are well aware and have most probably experience Physical captivity which ranges from caged in a prison, being tortured and beaten up and many such ordeal. Go to a Library, take number of history books and you are spellbound with hundreds of inspiring stories related to freedom

However, What should be given an equal importance is Mental Freedom or can I say  ”Freedom of thoughts”. For Instances, Our country India might have been independent since 1947 but we are still pre-occupied with old set of laws passed by British Raj (Irony is they themselves have scrapped it and moved on with a new amended law).

Let’s get more into depth, I have created two Questionnaires and would love to see how many of you can resonate to it.

*Have you ever felt of escaping the passively thrown decision of getting married?

*Did you ever wonder why you cannot pursue a passion and make it a career and commercially viable so that you can have a living from it?

If you answer for the above mentioned is YES… Then you are a free-flying bird who has been caged by the ”Worldly belief” and ”Self-Limiting thoughts” that has been transcend from generation to generation, forming a big cycle of social imprisonment.

Worldly belief may seem to appear small but it isn’t. Believe me, the GRASSROOT level has been nourished with faulty seeds that has lead to germination of world that’s far from being inspirational, instead have turned hypocritical, competitive and extremely negative in Approach

Let’s first deal about Marriage. Marriage is always given a high priority and regarded as solution to all problems. In my opinion, Marriage is union of two souls willing to merge together for life, on top of it, a huge responsibility. Therefore, one should game for wedlock unless they are financially, physically and mentally ready & not because your family, relatives and society wants you to take this plunge. These factors suddenly comes up at the time of decision for getting married.

A mismatch marriage that only results to being unhappy

A mismatch marriage that only results to being unhappy

My Dear Parents…

Aren’t you confident about your children whom you have given a beautiful life and brought up as a physically healthy and mentally functional person?

Do you doubt his/her capability of living on their own term without anyone’s moral or financial support?

If  ‘NO’, then why do you need to worry? People will keep instigating and keep talking behind your back but that doesn’t mean you need to entertain it.

Nothing wrong is ever going to happen to your child if he/she doesn’t get married on time.

Are you fearing they may lose out the opportunity of being parents?

If ‘Yes ‘Then don’t .. they will be parents, If not biologically, then adoption and sponsoring a child is definitely a wonderful idea. In the end, Child is a child, whether it’s born from your own or others. When GOD doesn’t differentiate, who are we to do so?

Give your kids the freedom to follow their dreams. They aren’t your extention, infact they are a beautiful being born to achieve their own goals. Give them the priviledge love and get married with someone with whom they can share the rest of their life peacefully with consent and WHEN READY. God’s forbidden, Even if the relationship fades and culminate into separation, it’s not going to be the end of life. Instead your kids will find ways to endure the ordeal and move on easily.

Isn’t that appropriate rather than pushing them into a mismatch marriage against their wish and later on be blamed for ruining their life? Choice is yours !!

If you Love your Freedom, Freedom will follow you

If you Love your Freedom, Freedom will follow you


Choose a career that motivates you to be happy

Choose a career that motivates you to be happy

There are two kind of people, I have come across :

1.) Those who score 95 % or find their name on the rank list almost every time, are perennially under immense pressure because they are expected to live up to that expectation. If he/she, with hard work and dedication, manages even a  98/100 , they are downright criticized and embarrassed for letting someone else score over them. This emotions slowly takes the form of jealousy amongst friends, killing the spirit of friendship. The Higher Educations are also decided sans children’s crucial opinion and should stick to the field whether you like it or not, Wings are clipped off mercilessly to follow the cycle their parents led …. FOR THE SAKE TO SHOW THE WORLD. This emotion of being undervalued of opinions continues for life, leading to remorse

2.) On the other hand, There are weird, damn-to-care individuals, who doesn’t seem to care about the marks, a 60% is enough to make their day. Expectedly, not parent’s favorite with less to no expectations from them. One fine day, to their surprise, that same  ‘useless’, ‘naughty’ kids end up living a very happy and pretty successful life as they had dreamed of.

What separates the 2nd from first?


Because They had the guts to challenge the norm, refusing to confine to society and listening to their heart. As they had the seed of ambition nurtured in their heart for long, The fruitful tree, germinating from it, makes the Struggle more easy and an exciting ride.

So my dear friends,

First thing First

Don’t limit the options till ‘Doctor’ or an ‘engineer’ only (As long as you have the ambition for it. go ahead). Just imagine a world with only Doctors and Engineers ONLY. Scary right?

 You can be a ‘Banker’, ‘Salesman’, ‘Teacher’, “Actor’, ‘Singer’, Designer’, ‘Dancer’,’Movie Technican’, ‘Columnist’, ‘Advice Columnist’, ‘Editor’ ..Many Many More

Stick to your dreams and do not fear when you find the world really opposing. Try to explain your goals and defend, if it falls on deaf ears; Still stick to it and be passionate about it. At first, it will appear weird for your parents and can likely not pin hopes on you. Like i said earlier, One fine day, You surprise them. Soon, Life would be celebrating you.

Go  ahead and choose a career that makes YOU HAPPY and it can be commercially viable that will add an additional income to your salary to easily pay off your bills 🙂

BE A ‘DJ’, ”HAIR STYLIST, ‘NAIL PAINTER, ‘HEALER, ‘GUITAIRIST, ‘SMALL TIME CATERIER, A DESK-ON WRITER, BLOGGER, SOCIAL WORKER… Remember, you have the power to BE HAPPY  and no one in this world can take away that unique and best gift from you!



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