Journey to Write begins !!

Yes, I am officially blogging and It gives me immense joy to share my new baby to the world.

”Writing” is considered to be one of the most exhilarating therapy to rejuvenate to increase your power to express. It is a road built for our words to blend and form a statement that creates magick.

I couldn’t agree more.

Relaxing to core, I find myself having a deep conversation about life and create a world that’s devoid of any negativity.

I started following blogs in the internet and it inspired me from the word ‘go’. Every moment spent on reading was an investment and the writers are so gifted, blessed with high perceptive. This was the phase when I had stop completely & was in sabbatical break due to number of reasons.

I have a spiritual side, that plays a huge role in my life,

I am also a professional healer, practicing Tarot Card reading, Attenuated to Reiki level 3 (Japanese technique of Healing) and so much more to learn (have plans to expand my energy level).

I was immersed into my spiritual journey and spend lot of time mastering it. Recently I have moved to Abu Dhabi to start my professional life and All I can say is : It’s transformational in every sense as if I have come out of a shell.

That’s exactly how one feels, after migrating to a new place (or a country for that matter). You are overflowing with new energy, excited and no time to relax, It’s pretty natural and I did go through these emotions earlier. Thankfully GROUNDED and CALM now 😛

UAE is not new to me at all, have visited as a tourist more often but as a permanent resident, it’s entirely different world . You are supposed to accept the fact that you are all alone to face it, embrace their culture, abide to rules & regulations.

Coming back to my blog, ”BREAKFREE & SHINE” had to be the name of my blog because that’s how I see my life. I am have turned out to be a rebel and realized that Being yourself is the only key to happiness. Many of us are finding themselves in the dark room of superficiality, A place where we are routinely groomed to be someone else’s clone, when in reality, each one of us have the capability to be different, think different, see different and feel even more different without any guilt or shame. The only key to polish is UNLEARN !! Empty yourself from all those insignificant thoughts, clear the clutters and make space for new to blossom !

Journey to Write begins now…



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