A Child born from ‘Heart’

‘Biological means Born from Stomach, Adoption means born from Heart’

That’s exactly how renowned Indian Actor Sushmita Sen explains with warmth to her daughter, whom she had adopted as a single mummy at the age of 25. Back then, it raised eyeballs and led to debate on single motherhood and was deemed blasphemous. Now, it has definitely open new doors for single parents to have a baby without any obligation of getting married.


I personally believe, a Child’s biggest strength and nourishment are the love of their parents (irrespective of their Wedlock status). I respect others who beg to differ. From the West, Hollywood Star couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopted 3 kids earlier, apart from having 3 biological kids, and now as per reports suggesting, they seem to have extended their family with the addition of a Syrian child.



Above mentioned people are celebrity and many detractors are bound to attack me with statements like They have fame and money to do so. Yes, I agree.

But Let’s not forget that They are making great use of this ‘fame’ and ‘money’ by bestowing a child with better life to live. The Latter couple have adopted children of different races. Yet, Their love for the kids is so expressible and speaks volume. That is what I believe, is a true humanitarian.

Why is Adoption a Taboo? Is DNA and Blood so essential criteria for a child to be the part of a family?

Couples, who are infertile due to medical reasons and can’t be cured even after undergoing expensive treatment of IVF, are often rendered childless. Already they face the brunt of being socially outcast, On top of it, Their plans to adopt a child are often backfired by cringy in-laws who seems to find comfort only to hold a baby having their blood-running-in-their veins. I have even seen families, who will stoop down to levels low by pressuring their kids to remarry for the sake of fulfilling this insatiable urge of watching a biological child running around the home. This Stigmatization often leads to severe depression in the couple and fills their life with remorse

The will to adopt is quite obviously visible in many couples, including single parent, only to do be squandered by the traditions.

I have no grudges against IVF, Don’t get me wrong. Thanks to our unhealthy lifestyle, Infertility are increasing at alarming rate and should be medically treated. If a couple can conceive through successful treatment of Invitro, It’s absolutely a great news.

I am only against the mindset we have been following like a disciple from our ancestral ages. A baby is a baby and are bundle of unconditional love. They are as equally gifted as the biological child. They do make great difference in our life and helps us be a better person. We have brains to distinguish what’s right and what is wrong, None of us have any doubt regarding adoption, yet we succumb to our family value’s and burden not to break them, that could lead to ties being severed.

I have to say one thing,

We love our family and it’s impossible to describe their affection, sacrifices and tenderness in words, However, Don’t even shy away from introspecting the values you are being fed and the culture you and your family have been following for ages. You find it very regressive, muster up the courage to stop it.

We have to take a stand, look past the Blood and DNA and love the child as a human.

My Dear people,

Have a open mind and liberate yourself from the clutches of these taboos and tradition.

I don’t think any of this labels could be important than a sight of a brimming pure bundle of joy a baby has, for you. Right?

Can’t conceive naturally? IVF treatments going in vain? Not a problem.

Adopt a child, and behold the magick and witness the changes the child bring in your life. In the end, You will be angel in the shining eyes of those gems. 🙂